Glengarry Glen Ross

00:02:302306, please.
00:02:36Hello, honey. How you doing?
00:02:39Good. What did he say?
00:02:43Uh-huh. Is he still there? How long ago did he leave?
00:02:47Uh-huh. I'm stopping here, then I got a little meeting,
00:02:51and then I'll... I would if I could.
00:02:54As soon as I can. Let me get off and I...
00:02:57let me get off and I prom... I promise you it'll be okay.
00:03:03A bunch of bullshit. Waste a good man's time.
00:03:14Hi, could I speak to Dr. Lowenstein, please?
00:03:18It's rather important. Could you get him for me?
00:03:20Bunch of bullshit trying to make a living on these deadbeat leads.
00:03:23I swear to God, Shel, I'm on a sit today...
00:03:25Hello, Mrs. Swoboda, this is Dave Moss.
00:03:29Yeah, we spoke yesterday.
00:03:31Now on the Rio Rancho Estates, we've had a situation just come up.
00:03:35The president of our company is in town just one day,
00:03:37- and he has certain parcels... - Doctor...
00:03:40well, could you get... what do you mean?
00:03:43He's not there? I have to speak to him.
00:03:46Yes, it is fairly urgent. Mr. Levene.
00:03:50No, I can't be reached. I'll get back to him.
00:03:54He has certain parcels... certain choice parcels
00:03:56which he's given me a hold on for the next 48 hours.
00:03:59What would be the best time to get you and your husband together?
00:04:02Say, tonight, at 10:00, or tomorrow at 8:00?
00:04:09Okay, what would be the best time to do that?
00:04:14Look, you sent in the... no, no, listen to me now...
00:04:17I've got 48 hours to make you a lot of money.
00:04:22Well, when will he be home? Fine, I'll call you back in 10 minutes.
00:04:28They don't give you the leads, they don't give you the support,
00:04:30- they don't give you dick. - Yeah.
00:04:32Then they're yanking us in on some sales conference.
00:04:34When's the last time anybody learned a goddamn thing?
00:04:37All it does is some jerk shoots his mouth off.
00:04:42I swear to God, Shel, I got half a mind to go across the street.
00:04:45I got half a mind to go with you if they'd take me.
00:04:48You never know... I was talking to Jerry Graff last week.
00:04:53I got to call these deadbeats back.
00:04:57I can't make a goddamn dollar with these leads,
00:04:59and you're killing my ass on the street.
00:05:01- I'm sorry you aren't happy here. - That's cute,
00:05:04but you're running this office like a bunch of bullshit.
00:05:06You're on an override... you make money, we make money.
00:05:08- I'd like you to make more money. - Then don't go waste my time.
00:05:11- A sales conference? - The strategy comes from downtown.
00:05:14Oh, the strategy? The strategy?
00:05:17- Well, I think I'll pass. - I wouldn't.
00:05:19- Why is that? - When you come, then you'll see.
00:05:22- Shelly. - John.
00:05:25Are you ready to do or die tonight?
00:05:27Oh yeah, always ready, John.
00:05:29Always ready, John. Now, one thing...
00:05:31we were talking about the leads. We got some new ones?
00:05:33That's what we're going to talk about at the meeting.
00:05:36We are? Because I'm running into a bit of a snag.
00:05:38Yes, I've seen your sales figures.
00:05:40That's the leads. You give me a better lead...
00:05:42That's what we're going to be talking about.
00:05:44I'm in a bind... personal problems.
00:05:46- I could use a leg up. - After the meeting.
00:05:48- I hear the new Glengarry leads... - After the meeting, Shel.
00:05:51- Hey, Ricky. - Hello, John.
00:05:53- Wet out there tonight. - Huh?
00:05:56- Wet out there tonight. - Uh-huh.
00:06:00- Maybe it'll break the heat. - Yeah.
00:06:06Al, give me a quick J&B, huh? Double.
00:06:10Cutty, Al.
00:06:14- They say... - Huh?
00:06:17they say it was so hot downtown this afternoon,
00:06:21grown men on the street corner were going up to cops
00:06:25begging the cops to shoot them.
00:06:29They say you should not drink alcohol when it's so hot.
00:06:33- Who says that? - Something I read.
00:06:37For they say it dehydrates you.
00:06:41They say you should drink water,
00:06:44but I subscribe to the law of contrary public opinion.
00:06:49If everyone thinks one thing, then I say bet the other way.
00:06:54Added to which, you know they're wrong.
00:06:56That's what I'm saying.
00:07:02- Slow tonight. - Oh, yeah.
00:07:05Well, I guess everybody's staying home.
00:07:07If my daughter calls, anybody calls,
00:07:09I'm over at the office. Thanks.
00:07:46I had a woman in White Plains on the hook...
00:07:48five units, Mountain View... what happens?
00:07:51She has to check with her lawyer.
00:07:53- You let her check with her lawyer? - What could I do?
00:07:56- I dunno. - Shelly.
00:07:59- Huh? - Who's the guy?
00:08:01Couldn't tell you.
00:08:03I don't like the whole thing, because all I need is a lead.
00:08:06- They won't give out... - Uh-huh.
00:08:08The rich get richer, that's the law of the land.
00:08:11Who belongs to the BM?
00:08:18It is 7:30.
00:08:20So who is that?
00:08:24And where is Mr. Roma?
00:08:26Well, I'm not a leash, so I don't know, do I?
00:08:28Let me have your attention for a moment.
00:08:32You're talking about what? You're talking about...
00:08:37bitching about that sale you shot,
00:08:39some son of a bitch don't want to buy land,
00:08:41somebody don't want what you're selling,
00:08:43some broad you're trying to screw, so forth.
00:08:45Let's talk about something important.
00:08:47- Are they all here? - All but one.
00:08:49I'm going anyway.
00:08:50Let's talk about something important.
00:08:53Put that coffee down.
00:09:00Coffee's for closers only.
00:09:06You think I'm fucking with you?
00:09:12I am not fucking with you.
00:09:14I'm here from downtown.
00:09:16I'm here from Mitch and Murray.
00:09:18And I'm here on a mission of mercy.
00:09:25- Your name's Levene? - Yeah.
00:09:29You call yourself a salesman, you son of a bitch?
00:09:33I don't got to listen to this shit.
00:09:34You certainly don't, 'cause the good news is, you're fired.
00:09:39The bad news is you've got... all of you've got...
00:09:42just one week to regain your jobs,
00:09:44starting with tonight... starting with tonight's sit.
00:09:50Oh, have I got your attention now?
00:09:59'cause we're adding a little something
00:10:01to this month's sales contest.
00:10:03As you all know, first prize is a Cadillac Eldorado.
00:10:06Anybody want to see second prize?
00:10:08Second prize is a set of steak knives.
00:10:14Third prize is you're fired.
00:10:20Do you get the picture? Are you laughing now?
00:10:24You got leads. Mitch and Murray paid good money.
00:10:28Get their names to sell them.
00:10:30You can't close the leads you're given,
00:10:32you can't close shit, you are shit!
00:10:35Hit the bricks, pal, and beat it, 'cause you are going out!
00:10:39- The leads are weak. - The leads are weak?
00:10:42The fucking leads are weak? You're weak.
00:10:45I've been in this business 15 years.
00:10:47- What's your name? - Fuck you...
00:10:49that's my name! You know why, mister?
00:10:52Because you drove a Hyundai to get here tonight,
00:10:54I drove an $80,000 BMW. That's my name.
00:11:03And your name is "You're wanting."
00:11:07You can't play in the man's game? You can't close them?
00:11:10Then go home and tell your wife your troubles.
00:11:14Because only one thing counts in this life...
00:11:17get them to sign on the line which is dotted!
00:11:21You hear me, you fucking faggots?
00:11:33A... Always, B... Be, C... Closing.
00:11:36Always Be Closing.
00:11:38"Always Be Closing."
00:11:45"Attention, Interest, Decision, Action."
00:11:48Attention... Do I have your attention?
00:11:50Interest... Are you interested?
00:11:52I know you are, because it's fuck or walk.
00:11:55You close or you hit the bricks.
00:11:57Decision... Have you made your decision for Christ?
00:12:01And Action. "A-I-D-A."
00:12:06Get out there... you got the prospects coming in.
00:12:08You think they came in to get out of the rain?
00:12:10A guy don't walk on the lot lest he wants to buy.
00:12:13They're sitting out there waiting to give you their money.
00:12:16Are you gonna take it?
00:12:18Are you man enough to take it?
00:12:30What's the problem, pal? You... Moss.
00:12:32You're such a hero, you're so rich,
00:12:34how come you're here wasting your time with a bunch of bums?
00:12:40You see this watch?
00:12:45- You see this watch? - Yeah.
00:12:49That watch costs more than your car.
00:12:52I made $970,000 last year. How much you make?
00:12:58You see, pal... that's who I am, and you're nothing.
00:13:04Nice guy? I don't give a shit.
00:13:08Good father? Fuck you... go home and play with your kids.
00:13:12You want to work here... close!
00:13:16You think this is abuse?
00:13:20You think this is abuse, you cocksucker?
00:13:22You can't take this, how can you take the abuse you get on a sit?
00:13:26You don't like it, leave.
00:13:32I can go out there tonight... the materials you got...
00:13:35make myself $15,000. Tonight... in two hours!
00:13:40Can you?
00:13:42Can you?
00:13:47Go and do likewise. "A-I-D-A."
00:13:50Get mad, you son of a bitches. Get mad!
00:13:53You know what it takes to sell real estate?
00:13:57It takes brass balls to sell real estate.
00:14:05Go and do likewise, gents.
00:14:08The money's out there... you pick it up, it's yours,
00:14:10you don't, I got no sympathy for you.
00:14:13You want to go out on those sits tonight and close...
00:14:15close... it's yours.
00:14:17Not, you're gonna be shining my shoes.
00:14:19And you know what you'll be saying.
00:14:22Bunch of losers sitting around in a bar,
00:14:24"Oh yeah, I used to be a salesman. It's a tough racket."
00:14:37These are the new leads.
00:14:40These are the Glengarry leads.
00:14:43And to you, they're gold. And you don't get them.
00:14:50Because to give them to you is just throwing them away.
00:14:58They're for closers.
00:15:07I'd wish you good luck,
00:15:08but you wouldn't know what to do with it if you got it.
00:15:15And to answer your question, pal... "Why am I here?"
00:15:20I came here because Mitch and Murray asked me to.
00:15:23They asked me for a favor. I said, "The real favor...
00:15:25follow my advice and fire your fucking ass,
00:15:29because a loser is a loser."
00:15:43Bunch of fucking nonsense...
00:15:45treat people like that.
00:15:49The fuck is he going to get off?
00:15:52- Mickey Mouse sales conference. - He didn't mean it.
00:15:56I'm sure he didn't mean it about trimming down the sales quota.
00:15:59Where is Roma? Where the hell is Mr. Ricky Roma?
00:16:01All the while we got to sit here, eat this nonsense?
00:16:03Hello? Mr. Levene. How's she doing?
00:16:07Uh-huh, yeah. Is she awake?
00:16:09Oh, the doctor came by. What did he say?
00:16:11Uh-huh. I can't come in tonight.
00:16:15I think... I know she is. I know that she is.
00:16:18I've gotta go out. Will you please tell her when she wakes?
00:16:22I've got to go out. Tell her I'll call her from the road.
00:16:26Thank you.
00:16:30Gentlemen, you heard the man.
00:16:33What is this in aid of?
00:16:35- As of tonight... - What is this? Excuse me.
00:16:37What it's in aid of is that Mitch and Murray...
00:16:39Fuck Mitch and Murray! I'm doing my job,
00:16:42I got to put up with this childishness?
00:16:44I don't make the rules. I'm paid to run the office.
00:16:46You don't like the rules, Dave? There's the door!
00:16:50Two lead cards for tonight, two lead cards for tomorrow.
00:16:55As you heard, end of the month,
00:16:56top salesman on the board gets the Eldorado.
00:16:59- Next man down the... - What about the good leads?
00:17:01- The leads I've given you. - But these leads are shit.
00:17:03They're old... I've seen that name 100 times.
00:17:05- The leads are assigned randomly. - What about the new leads?
00:17:08The new leads... the Glengarry leads.
00:17:10I've got them. I'm going to hang onto them.
00:17:13And they'll be assigned to closers,
00:17:15based on the sales volume, first to Roma.
00:17:17- Where is Roma? - Don't worry about Roma.
00:17:19He'll get his leads, you've got yours.
00:17:21He's top name on the board, so he don't have to be here?
00:17:23That's correct! And as the hour is waning,
00:17:26I suggest you... those of you who are interested
00:17:29in a continuing job with this organization, get to work.
00:17:32That's garbage. Bullshit.
00:17:34- Thank you for your attention. - Bullshit!
00:17:35How am I supposed to close these? Look at this.
00:17:40I've had this guy before. I've been to his house twice.
00:17:43I... I can't... I can't close this stuff.
00:17:49Shelly, how am I supposed to...
00:17:52They're going to bounce me out of a job.
00:18:03Hello, Mr. Palermo? I'm sorry.
00:18:07Mr. Speice? Mr. Robert Speice?
00:18:10Yeah, this is George Aaronow.
00:18:13I'm with Rio. I spoke with your wife earlier.
00:18:16I'm the vice president of Rio Rancho Properties in Furman, Arizona.
00:18:20Yes. I'm calling from the airport, and consulting my map,
00:18:25I see that you and your wife live near the airport.
00:18:27I have some rather... rather unusual,
00:18:30rather good information on the property...
00:18:33Hello? Hello, this is Sheldon Levene.
00:18:37Please listen closely... I only have a moment or so.
00:18:40I can speak only to a Mrs. Nyborg.
00:18:44Oh, this is Mrs. Nyborg. Please listen closely, Mrs. Nyborg.
00:18:48I'm calling from Consolidated Properties of Arizona.
00:18:51Our computer has chosen you from all of the many thousands
00:18:55who write in requesting information on our properties.
00:18:58Now by federal law, as you probably know,
00:19:01the prize must be awarded to you even if you are not engaged
00:19:05in our land development plan.
00:19:07The only stipulation, of course, is that you and your husband
00:19:10must sign at the same time for the receipt of your prize.
00:19:14Now, I will be in the area tonight, possibly tomorrow.
00:19:18What do you think might be a convenient time to meet
00:19:21with both you and your husband?
00:19:23Of course I'll hold.
00:19:39- Bunch of fucking nonsense, huh? - I can't close them.
00:19:41- Nobody can close 'em. - They're old.
00:19:43They're ancient... a bunch of fucking nonsense.
00:19:45Get some jerk to come in here...
00:19:48Sometimes I think, "I wonder if I belong in this business."
00:19:50Send a guy out there... no support, no confidence.
00:19:53Then I say, "Nobody can close 'em."
00:19:56- Then I look at Roma. - Roma... fuck Roma.
00:19:58Had a freak... a little run of luck.
00:20:00The leads are garbage.
00:20:03Then I say, "Why give him the good leads?
00:20:05- He doesn't need 'em." - You going out?
00:20:07Yeah. I have to go out. I can't make a sit.
00:20:12- Have you tried? - Yeah. Something's wrong with me.
00:20:16What is it? I can't push through.
00:20:18Get your coat on. You're coming out with me.
00:20:20- Something in me. - Forget it.
00:20:22- I try, I try. - I said forget it, come on.
00:20:26I can't close 'em.
00:20:33I swear to God, you work all your life...
00:20:35- Forget it, George. - Roma, so on...
00:20:40- so gifted. - Gifted, my ass!
00:20:42- The guy gets a string of luck. - No, no, no.
00:20:46The thing of it is, money's tight.
00:20:47When times are tight, it don't do no good
00:20:49to throw around, "Just go out and sell."
00:20:52Threaten a man all you want, you can't whip a dead horse.
00:20:55- Nope. - All this garbage...
00:20:56"Sell 10,000, you win a Cadillac;
00:20:58you lose, we're gonna fire your ass"? It's medieval.
00:21:01- Yes. - It's wrong.
00:21:02- Yes. - Yes it is,
00:21:04and you know who's responsible?
00:21:06- Who? - You know who it is.
00:21:08It's Mitch and Murray, 'cause it don't have to be this way.
00:21:10- No. - Look at Jerry Graff.
00:21:12He's clean, he's doing business for himself,
00:21:14he's got that list... with the nurses?
00:21:16You see? That's thinking. Why take a 10% sales commission?
00:21:21Why are we giving the rest away? What are we giving 90% for?
00:21:24For nothing. For some jerk in the office,
00:21:27telling us, "Get out there and close, go win a Cadillac."
00:21:29Graff goes out and buys. He pays top dollar.
00:21:32- You see? - Yes.
00:21:33For the leads... that's thinking. Now, he's got the leads,
00:21:36he goes in business for himself. That's what? That's thinking.
00:21:41Who... who's got a steady job,
00:21:43a regular job, a couple of bucks nobody's touched?
00:21:46Graff goes and buys a fucking list of nurses. One grand...
00:21:48he paid two, I'll eat my hat. 4,000 or 5,000 nurses.
00:21:51- He's going wild. - He is?
00:21:53- Yeah, he's doing very well. - I heard they were running cold.
00:21:56- The nurses? - Yeah.
00:21:58You hear a lot of things. He's doing very well.
00:22:01- With River Oaks? - River Oaks, Brook Farms.
00:22:03All that shit. Somebody told me... you know what he's clearing, himself?
00:22:06- 14, 15 grand a week. - Himself?
00:22:09That's what I'm saying. Why? He's got the leads.
00:22:12He's got the good leads. What are we?
00:22:16We're sitting in the shit here. Why?
00:22:17Because we got to go to them to get them.
00:22:1990% of our sales we're paying to the office for the leads.
00:22:22There's our leads, there's overhead, phones, a lot of stuff.
00:22:26What do you need? A telephone?
00:22:28Some broad to say, "Good morning"? Nothing. It's the leads.
00:22:31The whole thing is the leads, you understand me?
00:22:33You can't sell to a void... you got to get a goddamn person.
00:22:36You get a lead, you get a person... I'll go sell 'em.
00:22:39Otherwise, what do they want from my life?
00:22:41Hello, Danny? Dan, it's Shel Levene.
00:22:45Yeah, we spoke... last May I called you.
00:22:48I was in town from my estate in Rio Rancho, and...
00:22:53I wish we could have gotten together at that time.
00:22:55Danny, that piece of property I had for you has increased in value...
00:22:59Grace, Grace, what was that figure? $76,000.
00:23:05Oh, Danny, I wish you could have been in on it with me.
00:23:07Look, I'm here overnight... I have to go home tomorrow,
00:23:10and I thought, after the interest you showed on the last trip, that...
00:23:14Hold it, Grace. Danny, I know that you're serious,
00:23:18and because of that, I am going to shove my appointments around
00:23:21and make sure... oh, gee, I wish that...
00:23:26All right, Danny. Yeah, all right.
00:23:40Going out tonight, Shelly?
00:23:47What is this bullshit with the sales promotion?
00:23:50It isn't bullshit. It's the way it is.
00:23:51You're going to fire the bottom men on the list?
00:23:53That's the way it is and I don't make the rules.
00:23:56- The rules come from downtown. - I got a problem here, John.
00:23:59- I'm closing up the office. - Come have a drink with me.
00:24:02- I've got to get home. - Do me the courtesy... five minutes?
00:24:05I am trying to get home for two hours.
00:24:07I got to go home, grab one hour with my kids, come back here,
00:24:10see if any of you closed a contract, take the contract...
00:24:13- How about one minute? - What is it?
00:24:17- I can't close these leads. - Then move on.
00:24:19Don't jump! Don't jump out of your manager bag a second.
00:24:23It's just two guys talking, am I right? We're just talking.
00:24:27You got the new leads. If you would give me... just hold on.
00:24:30The Glengarry leads are to be assigned only to closers.
00:24:33Hold on a second. If you give me the good leads...
00:24:35You blew the last good one I gave you.
00:24:37No, no... hold on, will you?
00:24:39I did not blow 'em. One kicked out. One, I closed.
00:24:41- You didn't close it. - Would you listen to me?
00:24:43I closed that cocksucker! His ex! John, his ex!
00:24:47I didn't even know he was married. The judge invalidated it.
00:24:51What was that job, huh? Bad luck. That's all it was.
00:24:53I pray you never find it... it runs in streaks.
00:24:56That's what it's doing, that's all it does... streaks.
00:24:59I pray that it misses you and that's all I have to say.
00:25:02Shit, I've got to eat. Williamson...
00:25:05look at the sheets. Look at the sheets.
00:25:101987, '88, '89... six months in '89... who's on top?
00:25:13- Roma. - Under him?
00:25:15- Moss. - Oh, bullshit, John!
00:25:18April to September it's me... it's no fucking Moss.
00:25:20Due respect, he's an order-taker.
00:25:23Talk... talks a good game, but look on the board, it's me.
00:25:27- Not lately it isn't. - Not late...
00:25:29Well, lately... kiss my ass "lately."
00:25:31You call Murray and you call Mitch... when we were on Peterson,
00:25:34who do you think bought the new car? Call Mitch. The Seville?
00:25:37He came in here... "You bought that for me, fella."
00:25:40And out of what? Hey, look at me! Out of what? Nothing!
00:25:44Cold calling. You want to talk about a sale?
00:25:46You are really beginning to burn my ass, kid.
00:25:49I can't get a lead, you... it was skill, John.
00:25:53It could be working for you... you want to throw it away.
00:25:56- It isn't me. - It's not you...
00:25:58I wonder who it is. Who the fuck am I talking to?
00:26:01- I need the leads to sell. - After the contest. After the 30th.
00:26:04Bullshit, "After the contest."
00:26:07If I'm not on that board by the 30th, they're going to can my ass.
00:26:13I need those leads and I need 'em now or I'm out.
00:26:21You're going to miss me. I swear to you, you will miss me.
00:26:27Let me tell you something, Shelly.
00:26:29I do what I'm hired to do... you might do the same.
00:26:32- Jesus. - Now wait a second!
00:26:36I'm hired to watch the leads, to marshal my sales force.
00:26:40I'm given a policy. My job is to do that.
00:26:42Marshal your sales force?
00:26:44Anybody falls below a certain mark, I'm directed.
00:26:47I'm not permitted to give them the premium leads.
00:26:49How do they rise above that mark? With dreck?
00:26:53With this toilet paper you're giving me?
00:26:55You give me one premium lead...
00:26:57Do you know what the premium leads cost?
00:26:59Do I know what the premium leads cost?
00:27:01Yeah, I know what they cost.
00:27:02I generated the sufficient dollar revenue to buy them.
00:27:06But I cannot sell shit!
00:27:09Jesus. And I've seen these before, you know.
00:27:11Christ, I saw these back... Homestead...
00:27:131985, we pitched these cocksuckers Baywater.
00:27:16They couldn't buy a fucking toaster. They're broke. They're deadbeats.
00:27:20Just give me some leads that don't come out of a phone book.
00:27:23You give me something hotter than that and I can close it.
00:27:26It's just a streak. I'm gonna turn it around.
00:27:28Hey, I need your help.
00:27:34I can't do it, Shelly.
00:27:44I'll give you 10%.
00:27:47- Of what? - My end... what I close.
00:27:49You give me the premium leads, you're in for 10%, what I close.
00:27:52- And what if you don't close? - I will.
00:27:54- What if you don't close? - I will close.
00:27:56What if you don't, you understand?
00:27:59Then I'm fucked. You think you're the only guy with a family?
00:28:02- You see what I'm saying? - John...
00:28:03I step out and you don't close, then it's my job.
00:28:06- Then I'm fucked. - I will close!
00:28:08Now, 10% John... I can get hot, you know that.
00:28:11- Not lately you can't. - That's defeatist... fuck it!
00:28:13Go with me. Get on my side and let's do something.
00:28:16You want to run this office? You heard what the man said...
00:28:19"Attack." Let's do something.
00:28:21- Huh? - 20%.
00:28:27- All right. - And 50 bucks a lead.
00:28:30- No? - Oh!
00:28:39Oh, shit.
00:28:54Listen... I got to talk to you.
00:28:58Permit me to do this a second. I'm older than you.
00:29:03A man acquires a reputation on the street.
00:29:07What he does when he's up, what he does at other times...
00:29:10I said, "10," you said, "No." You said, "20," I said, "Fine."
00:29:13Now you want to throw this 50-buck thing in.
00:29:16John, a good deal... has got to be one where both parties...
00:29:21Okay, okay, okay, fine... 20%, 50 bucks a lead. It's done.
00:29:25Let's go out. We make some money.
00:29:27I got bills to pay. I want two sits tonight
00:29:29and I want the good leads... the Glengarry leads... two.
00:29:32Two, John, because I am going to close 'em both.
00:29:34It's a long road with no turning, pally.
00:29:37Huh? Okay. Now, let's go.
00:29:40I've got to go back to the office to get 'em.
00:29:43Go on, let's go. This is what I was saying, John.
00:29:47All you need, a little boost, you turn a streak around.
00:29:49Am I right? Good, huh? Huh, good?
00:29:55- What? - Two leads, 100 bucks.
00:29:58- Now? - Now, yes. When?
00:30:00- Shit, John. - I wish I could.
00:30:02You fucking asshole.
00:30:05I don't have it... I don't...
00:30:08I'll bring it in the office in the morning.
00:30:11- I'll be coming with the sales. - Nope.
00:30:16I can't fucking believe this.
00:30:18All right, here's...
00:30:2220... 30, and...
00:30:24Jesus, here's the 30. I'll bring the rest in tomorrow.
00:30:28We got to do this, huh, pal? For Christ's sake!
00:30:33- My daughter... - I can't do it, Shelly.
00:30:38I got to tell you something. It wasn't so long ago,
00:30:41I'd pick up the phone and call Murray... I got your job.
00:30:45"Murray, the kid is burning my ass." "Shelly, he's gone."
00:30:48You are gone before I'm back from lunch.
00:30:53Bought him a trip to Bermuda once.
00:30:55- I've got to go. - All right, hey.
00:30:57Give me... I'll take two more of the old leads.
00:31:01- I gave you two today. - One is a bust-out, John!
00:31:04- The other ain't home! - Shelly...
00:31:06I promise you, I've been on the phone... I know.
00:31:07No more leads today... two per day. You've got yours.
00:31:09All right.
00:31:11- All right? - Sure.
00:31:19We will do that... other thing.
00:31:25I guess I left my wallet in my room.
00:31:34Deadbeats. Deadbeats, all of 'em.
00:31:37My mistake. I shouldn't have took the leads.
00:31:41- You had to. - Yeah? Why?
00:31:44- To get on the... - To get on the board, yeah.
00:31:46How am I gonna get on the board trying to sell a doctor?
00:31:48Two regular, two chocolate donuts.
00:31:50Give me the same thing to go. And don't try and sell an Indian.
00:31:53I will never try to sell an Indian.
00:31:55These names come up... you ever get 'em..."Patel"?
00:31:57- You ever get 'em? - I think I had one once.
00:32:00You had one, you'd know it..."Patel."
00:32:03They keep coming up. I don't know.
00:32:04They like to talk to salesmen. They're lonely.
00:32:07They like to feel superior... never bought a fucking thing.
00:32:09I don't know. Come down the line...
00:32:12doctors, lawyers, Indians... times are tight. It's tight.
00:32:17Pressure's just too great. Man can't work all of 'em.
00:32:21You go in the door... I got to close this fucker or I don't eat lunch,
00:32:25or I don't win a Cadillac. We work too hard, George.
00:32:31Remember when we were... when we were selling Glen Ross Farms?
00:32:36Didn't we sell a bunch of that?
00:32:39- They came in... - They fucked it up.
00:32:41- They did. - They killed the goose. And now...
00:32:43- We're stuck with this... - Stuck with this fucking shit.
00:32:45- This shit. - It's too...
00:32:47- It is. - You get a bad month...
00:32:49they put you on this board. Some contest board.
00:32:53- It's not right. - It's not right to the customers.
00:32:55I know, it's... hey. What did I learn as a kid on Western?
00:32:59Don't sell a guy one car. Sell him five cars over 15 years.
00:33:04- That's right. - You're goddamn right, it's right.
00:33:06Guys come in..."Oh, the blah, blah, blah. I know what I'll do.
00:33:09I'll go out and rob everybody blind and go to Argentina
00:33:11'cause nobody ever thought of this before."
00:33:13So they kill the goose and the man's worked all his life...
00:33:16- That's right. - He's got to cower in his boots...
00:33:18Boots, yes...
00:33:19For some fucking "Sell 10,000, win the steak knives."
00:33:23- What do you do? - What can you do?
00:33:25What can you do if you don't have the leads?
00:33:27If you do not have the goddamn leads!
00:33:30Mr. Spannel? Sheldon Levene.
00:33:33I was speaking to your wife earlier?
00:33:35Come in.
00:33:38- "Cats and dogs," huh? - Yeah.
00:33:40Oh, "cats and dogs."
00:33:45Oh, I see you're interested in fishing.
00:33:48- Yeah. - I've fished myself... many years.
00:33:51Muskee, Wisconsin. Ooh, a beauty.
00:33:56- Where's the missus? - Out at the PTA.
00:33:59- Ahh. - What was this in reference?
00:34:01I spoke to your wife earlier on the phone.
00:34:03I called, I'm in town with Rio Rancho.
00:34:05Yes, I'm sorry. She said you had some sort of award?
00:34:08Yes, I was speaking to the people in my sales organization...
00:34:11my representatives in this area... and Mr. Spannel...
00:34:15your name is Larry. Mind if I call you Larry?
00:34:18All right, Larry. We had a consultant,
00:34:22and he made me... he made me an offer.
00:34:25He offered me $230,000 to promote a sales plan...
00:34:29to present investment opportunities in Rio Rancho to the public.
00:34:33Well, I said, "Hell, let me save you the 230,
00:34:37and pass the savings along to the investor."
00:34:40My people immediately said, "Whoa, how do you do that?
00:34:43How can you present investment opportunities
00:34:46without television, without magazine ads?"
00:34:48I said, "You take something this good,
00:34:50you go to a man... has invested in the past...
00:34:53you go to him direct and offer the money to him... rebate.
00:34:57And don't give it to this expert."
00:35:01So you're here to sell me some land?
00:35:03No, I wouldn't try to sell you...
00:35:05I leave that to the salesmen and people who want to own land.
00:35:09I think something has to be fed,
00:35:12watered and painted, but don't invest in it.
00:35:15That motto has stood me in good stead.
00:35:17- Mister... - Just call me Shelly.
00:35:19I have never been afraid of familiarity.
00:35:22I'm walking out the door. I've got to pick up my wife at the...
00:35:24Let's take my car. We'll pick her up together.
00:35:26Spoke to the little woman on the phone... can't wait to meet her.
00:35:29No, we're going over to our relatives'.
00:35:31- She didn't say anything about that. - I'm sure she forgot.
00:35:33- I'm on a plane to Florida... - I'm sorry if we put you out.
00:35:36You didn't put me out. I'm just trying to think, Larry.
00:35:39You know, that's the only parcel that I've got.
00:35:41You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go back to the computer,
00:35:44I'm gonna pull another one, and we're gonna speak to your relatives, too.
00:35:47- No, no, no. - C'mon, you're a busy man, so am I.
00:35:50My God, I'm in the act of giving a gift away.
00:35:53Look, I don't want to buy land. I don't want to invest in land.
00:35:56I have nothing. She took the call without my knowledge.
00:36:00I have no business that I wish to transact.
00:36:03I don't want to tell you how to handle your wife.
00:36:04My wife filled in a form, and we have been plagued for the last year...
00:36:08That's the situation I'm trying to alleviate, Larry.
00:36:11No, no. Do you understand?
00:36:14Thank you. No.
00:36:32- Roma, man... he don't care. - He don't care.
00:36:34He's sitting on top of the world. He's got good leads, good prospects.
00:36:38- Sales, sales. - Sales contests.
00:36:40- That's what I'm saying. - Times turn hard, they bounce you out.
00:36:43If they bounce you with no confidence...
00:36:45That's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying to you.
00:36:53If they get you on a bad beat...
00:36:56and you got to go out there, get a new job...
00:36:58- With no... - With no confidence...
00:37:02I'll tell you what the hard part is... to stop thinking like a goddamn slave.
00:37:06You say the Nazis in Europe... "If they came in my door"...
00:37:10bullshit, the time is now. What do you do now?
00:37:12Some guy pissing in your face. Cocksucker...
00:37:15wants to break your rice bowl.
00:37:17Mitch and Murray, fuck you. What I say... fuck you!
00:37:21Sitting on the good leads.
00:37:24George, we're men here.
00:37:29And I'll tell you... I'll tell you what the hard part is.
00:37:33- What? - Starting up.
00:37:36Standing up. Breaking free of this bullshit,
00:37:39this enslavement to some guy, 'cause he's got the upper hand.
00:37:45This is the difference... listen to me, George.
00:37:48Now Jerry Graff went into business for himself.
00:37:50He said, "I'm going on my own." And he was free, you understand me?
00:37:57I'll tell you... I'll tell you what somebody should do.
00:38:04Somebody should stand up and strike back.
00:38:07Somebody should do something to them.
00:38:09- What? - Something to pay them back.
00:38:12Someone should hurt them, Mitch and Murray.
00:38:13- Somebody should hurt them? - Yeah.
00:38:15- How? - Someone should do something
00:38:17- to hurt them where they live. - What?
00:38:19Someone should rob the office. That's what I'm saying.
00:38:22If we were that kind of guy to hold up the joint and trash it,
00:38:26it looks like robbery, we take the leads out of the files
00:38:29and we go to Jerry Graff.
00:38:31And we take the fucking Glengarry leads! Huh?
00:38:38Yeah, Mr. Nyborg? Ah, Mr. Nyborg, Sheldon Levene.
00:38:41I was speaking to your wife earlier. That's right.
00:38:44I'd like to speak to you about awarding you your prize.
00:38:47We're coming to the end of our fiscal year,
00:38:49I'd really like to get it off the books before...
00:38:52yes, the prize for Consolidated Properties.
00:38:55The information you requested on Rio Rancho.
00:38:58Now, I'm in town only for... well, let me see.
00:39:01I suppose I could swing by tonight. Yes. Uh-huh.
00:39:04When do you think it might be more convenient?
00:39:07As I said, I could swing by tonight...
00:39:09well, of course, you speak to your wife.
00:39:12Grace, I'm gonna need
00:39:14a first-class seat, passport, 10,000 in cash,
00:39:17put that with the negotiable papers, if you would.
00:39:19And put me on the telex hookup... yes?
00:39:23Well, when do you think Mrs. Nyborg might be back?
00:39:27All train compartments smell vaguely of shit.
00:39:30It gets so you don't mind it.
00:39:34That's the worst thing that I can confess.
00:39:37You know how long it took me to get there? A long time.
00:39:41When you die you're gonna regret the things you don't do.
00:39:46You think you're queer? I'm gonna tell you something.
00:39:49We're all queer. You think you're a thief? So what?
00:39:52You get befuddled by a middle-class morality?
00:39:55Get shut of it. Shut it out.
00:39:57You cheat on your wife, you did it. Live with it.
00:40:01You fuck little girls, so be it.
00:40:05There's an absolute morality? Maybe.
00:40:08And then what?
00:40:11If you think there is, go ahead, be that thing.
00:40:15Bad people go to hell? I don't think so.
00:40:18You think that, act that way.
00:40:20A hell exists on earth? Yes. I won't live in it.
00:40:26That's me.
00:40:33Did you ever take a dump, made you feel like you slept for 12 hours?
00:40:37- Did I? - Yes.
00:40:40- I don't know. - Or a piss?
00:40:47Great meals fade in reflection.
00:40:50Everything else gains. Do you know why?
00:40:53'Cause it's only food. This shit we put in us,
00:40:57keeps us going... it's only food.
00:41:00The great fucks you may have had,
00:41:03what do you remember about them?
00:41:05- What do I remember? - Yeah.
00:41:11I don't know. For me,
00:41:12I'm saying what it is, it's probably not the orgasm.
00:41:18Some broad's forearm on your neck,
00:41:21something her eyes did. There was this sound she made.
00:41:27Or it's me in the... I'm telling you...
00:41:30I'm in bed the next day, she brought me café au lait,
00:41:34gives me a cigarette, my balls feel like concrete.
00:41:41What I'm saying, what is our life?
00:41:45Our life is looking forward or it's looking back.
00:41:49That's it. That's our life.
00:41:53Where's the moment?
00:42:00And what is it we're so afraid of?
00:42:03Loss. What else?
00:42:05The bank closes, we get sick, my wife died on a plane?
00:42:11The stock market collapsed? What of these things happen?
00:42:15None of them. We worry anyway. Why?
00:42:20What could we get for them?
00:42:21- For them? - For the leads.
00:42:24What could we get for the leads?
00:42:26I don't know. 10 bucks a throw. 15 maybe. I don't know.
00:42:32For the leads, you're saying? Say somebody took them,
00:42:35- went to Jerry Graff? - Yeah. How many leads do we have?
00:42:38The Glengarry? The premium leads?
00:42:39I've got to think they've got 500. Say 500 leads.
00:42:43You're saying a fella could take those leads and sell them to Graff?
00:42:46The leads to Graff. Yes. I was saying... yeah.
00:42:48A guy could take... like anything else, it seems to me,
00:42:51that is negotiable, a guy could sell them.
00:42:54- How do you know he'd buy them? - Because I worked for him.
00:42:57- You didn't talk to him? - No. What do you mean?
00:43:01- Did I talk to him about this? - Yeah.
00:43:03Are you just talking about this, or are we just talking about it?
00:43:05- Just speaking about it. - Speaking about it as an idea?
00:43:08- Yes. - We're not actually talking about it.
00:43:10- No. - Talking about it as a robbery.
00:43:13As a robbery? No.
00:43:18- Well... - Hey.
00:43:21So all this... you didn't actually call Graff?
00:43:23- You didn't talk to him? - Not actually, no.
00:43:26- You didn't? - No, not actually.
00:43:28- Did you? - What did I say?
00:43:30- What did you say? - I said, "Not actually."
00:43:32Fuck you care, George? We're just talking.
00:43:34- We are? - Yes.
00:43:35- Because it's a crime. - Robbery. That's right.
00:43:41It is a crime.
00:43:45- It's also very safe. - You're actually talking about this.
00:43:48- That's right. - You're going to steal the leads.
00:43:51- Have I said that? - Are you?
00:43:52- Did I say that? - Did you talk to Graff?
00:43:54- What did I say? - What did he say?
00:43:56What did he say?
00:44:01He'd buy them.
00:44:12You're gonna steal...
00:44:14you're gonna steal the Glengarry leads and sell them to Graff?
00:44:17- Yes. - What's he gonna pay?
00:44:21He figures there's 500 leads, let's say 10 bucks apiece,
00:44:24- that's $2,500 each. - Each?
00:44:28- "Each"? - That's right, George.
00:44:30- You're saying me? - No, you and me.
00:44:32Yeah. That's exactly what I'm saying. $2,500 apiece.
00:44:36You and me for one night's work, and a job with Graff
00:44:39- working the premium leads. - A job with Graff?
00:44:42- Is that what I said? - He'd give me a job?
00:44:44He could take you on. Yes.
00:45:10I was dialing the direct line to my daughter's room.
00:45:13Sheldon Levene. She's in...
00:45:16well, yeah, I'm sure she's asleep. But... where's the duty nurse?
00:45:22They canceled her... well, let me talk...
00:45:25who am I speaking to?
00:45:30I'll have the money there tomorrow.
00:45:34It's a big decision, George.
00:45:36At times a guy has got to make one.
00:45:39It's a big decision and it's a big reward.
00:45:41$2,500 and a job, it's a big reward for one night's work.
00:45:47Sometimes a guy...
00:45:49sometimes, a man if he wants a reward...
00:45:52That's absolutely right.
00:45:54He'll do one thing, one thing on one night.
00:45:56That's absolutely right. The thing is, it's got to be tonight.
00:46:02What, what? The leads ain't going to leave?
00:46:04They bring those leads up, wave them under your nose,
00:46:07tomorrow they take them downtown, parcel them out.
00:46:09A guy wants those leads, he's gonna have to get them tonight.
00:46:12Tonight is the thing. Talk about a chance.
00:46:15It's when a chance presents itself.
00:46:16You got to go in there tonight.
00:46:18- You. - I'm sorry?
00:46:20- You. - Me?
00:46:21You have to go in. You have to get the leads.
00:46:23- I do? - It's not something for nothing.
00:46:26I took you in on this. You have to go. It's your thing.
00:46:30I've made a deal with Graff. I can't go in.
00:46:32I've spoken out on this too much. I've got a big mouth.
00:46:35"The fucking leads," et cetera, "the tight-ass company," blah, blah.
00:46:38- They'll know when you go to Graff. - What will they know?
00:46:42That I stole the leads? I didn't steal the leads.
00:46:44I'm gonna go to the movies. Then I'm gonna have a late drink
00:46:47- at the Como Inn with a friend. - Dave.
00:46:50You want me to break into the office tonight and steal the leads?
00:46:52- Yes. - No.
00:46:54- Oh, yes, George. - What does that mean?
00:46:55Listen to this. I have an alibi. I'm going to the Como Inn.
00:47:00Why? Why? The place gets robbed,
00:47:03they're going to come looking for me. Why? Because I probably did it.
00:47:05Let me ask you this... are you going to turn me in?
00:47:08What if you don't get caught?
00:47:10They come to you, are you going to turn me in?
00:47:11- Why would they come to me? - They're going to come to everybody.
00:47:13- Why would I do it? - You wouldn't, George.
00:47:15That's why I'm talking to you now. They come to you,
00:47:17- are you going to turn me in? - No.
00:47:19- Are you sure? - Yeah, I'm sure.
00:47:21Uh-huh. George... when they come to me,
00:47:26if I have to go in there, and if I get caught...
00:47:29- they come to me... - You don't have to go in.
00:47:32I have to go in, see? That's something I have to do.
00:47:34- Why? - Why?
00:47:36Are you going to give me $7,500?
00:47:3775? I thought we were splitting five grand.
00:47:40I lied, all right? Your end is 25, my end is my own concern.
00:47:43Now, stick with me here. If they come to me,
00:47:46I'm caught, they're going to ask me who were accomplices.
00:47:49- Me. - Absolutely.
00:47:50That's ridiculous.
00:47:52To the law, you're an accessory before the fact.
00:47:53- I didn't ask to be. - Tough luck, because you are.
00:47:56- Because you told me about it? - That's right.
00:47:59Why are you doing this to me, Dave?
00:48:02Why are you talking this way to me? I don't understand.
00:48:04- Why are you doing this at all? - None of your fucking business.
00:48:08Just in or out? You tell me.
00:48:10You're out, you take the consequences.
00:48:11- I do? - That's right.
00:48:13- And why is that? - Because you listened.
00:48:16Well, when will Mrs. Nyborg be back?
00:48:17You know, I hate to keep calling you this late, Bruce,
00:48:20but I feel a responsibility, I must say. When you have...
00:48:26You know, they say, "You don't buy it, you rent it."
00:48:29- Huh? - The thing.
00:48:32You really... what do you keep?
00:48:37I mean, you don't keep anything, really.
00:48:39- No. - Security.
00:48:42Things. Things.
00:48:45- You know? - Mm-hmm.
00:48:47It's just... you try to stave off insecurity.
00:48:52You can't do it.
00:48:54- No. - No. That's what I'm telling you.
00:48:56Stocks, bonds, objects of art, real estate, what are they?
00:49:01An opportunity. To what? To make money?
00:49:05Perhaps. To lose money? Perhaps.
00:49:09To indulge and to learn about ourselves? Perhaps.
00:49:13So fucking what? What is it? They're an opportunity.
00:49:16That's all they are. They're an event.
00:49:19A guy comes to you, you make a call. You send in a card,
00:49:22I have these properties I would like for you to see.
00:49:25What does this mean? What do you want it to mean?
00:49:28You see what I'm saying?
00:49:33Things happen to you.
00:49:37Glad I met you.
00:49:40I'm glad I met you, James.
00:49:43I want to show you something.
00:49:46It may mean something to you, it may not.
00:49:49I don't know. I don't know anymore.
00:49:54What is that? Florida.
00:49:57Glengarry Highlands. Florida.
00:50:00Bullshit. And maybe that's true.
00:50:03And that's what I said.
00:50:07But look at this.
00:50:09What is this? This is a piece of land.
00:50:14Listen to what I'm going to tell you now.
00:50:44- What happened? - Where do you work?
00:50:46I work, yes. I work here.
00:50:49- What is it? What happened? - Robbery.
00:50:58Williamson. Williamson, did they get the contracts?
00:51:05All right, tell me. Now. Tell me.
00:51:07- They stole the contracts? - Excuse me, sir.
00:51:09- Did they get my contract? - Excuse me, fella.
00:51:11- Did they? - Would you excuse us?
00:51:12Don't fuck with me, fella. I'm talking about a Cadillac car
00:51:14- that you owe me. - They didn't get your contract.
00:51:17- I filed it before I left. - They didn't get my contracts?
00:51:19They got... excuse me.
00:51:23Fuck, fuck, fuck! Williamson!
00:51:26- Williamson, open the fucking door. - Who are you?
00:51:29- They didn't get the contracts. - Did they?
00:51:31They got... listen to me. They got some of them.
00:51:34- Some of them? - Who told you?
00:51:37Who told me? Who told me we had a robbery?
00:51:40We got a fucking board up on the window.
00:51:42Who is this? Yes. Yes, I confess. I did it.
00:51:46Now, leave me a second here, please.
00:51:49- Okay, now, talk to me. - I'm still trying to sort it out.
00:51:51- So far... - Talk to me. Talk to me.
00:51:54They got some of the contracts?
00:51:57Lingk. James Lingk, which I closed last night.
00:52:00- You closed it last night? - Yes.
00:52:02- I filed it. It went down. - You filed it?
00:52:06- James Lingk? - Yes.
00:52:08- It was sent downtown? - Yes, all right?
00:52:10I filed it last night. It went to the bank.
00:52:12- It went downtown, all right? - You filed it?
00:52:15Then I'm over the fucking top, you owe me a Cadillac.
00:52:17- I don't... - I don't want to hear any shit.
00:52:20I don't give a shit. Lingk puts me over the top.
00:52:23You filed it. It went downtown. Now you owe me the car.
00:52:26- The robbery makes difficult... - Fuck you! You owe me the car!
00:52:29See, 'cause this is how we keep score, "bubby."
00:52:31You told me, "Close thus, and so you get the car."
00:52:35- I got it. - Would you excuse us, please?
00:52:38You hear what I said? Do you hear what I said?
00:52:41Hey, pal! Your excuses are your own!
00:52:55"Recontact James Lingk.
00:52:586:00 P.M. Morton Grove." Ah-ha.
00:53:01When do you expect her in?
00:53:04This is Ricky Roma from last night.
00:53:07She'll remember. Just, just... wait a minute!
00:53:10Just to say... to thank her for a wonderful time.
00:53:13Thank you. I'll call back later. Thank you.
00:53:16They should check if we're insured.
00:53:23"10:00 P.M., Octavia."
00:53:26Please don't leave. I'm going to talk to you.
00:53:30- What's your name? - Are you talking to me?
00:53:32- That's right. - My name is Richard Roma.
00:53:47I... you know, they should be insured.
00:53:50- What do you care? - Then they wouldn't be so upset.
00:53:53- Huh? - They wouldn't be so upset.
00:53:55- Mitch and Murray. - Yeah, you're right.
00:53:58That's right. How are you?
00:54:00I'm fine.
00:54:02You mean the board? You mean on the board?
00:54:06Yes. Okay. The board.
00:54:10I'm fucked on the board. I can't...
00:54:14My mind must be other places, 'cause I can't...
00:54:17What? You can't do what?
00:54:19- I can't close them. - Well, they're old.
00:54:22Look, look at this shit they're giving you. Huh?
00:54:26- Yes, they are old. - They're ancient.
00:54:28"Clear Meadows." This shit's dead.
00:54:31- It is dead. - Waste of time.
00:54:32- Yes. I'm no fucking good. - Hey, fuck that shit, George.
00:54:37You had a bad month. You're a good man.
00:54:39- I am? - Yeah, you had a bad streak.
00:54:41Look at this. 15 units, Mountain View, the fucking things get stolen.
00:54:45- He said he filed... - He filed the big one.
00:54:49He filed the guy from the bar that I closed last night.
00:54:51All the little ones, I got to go back.
00:54:56Can you believe this? I got to go back and close again.
00:54:58I mean, talk about a fucking beat
00:55:01that would sap anyone's... wait, wait, wait. Where are the phones?
00:55:05- They stole... - They stole?
00:55:08- What kind of an outfit is it... - They stole the phones.
00:55:10...when criminals come and they take... they steal the phones?
00:55:13They stole the leads. They stole the phones,
00:55:15they stole... aw, Christ.
00:55:18What am I going to do this month? Shit.
00:55:22You think they're going to catch... where are you going?
00:55:24Down the street.
00:55:28- Where are you going? - To the... what do you fucking care?
00:55:33- Aren't you going out today? - With what, John? With what?
00:55:37Well, answer me. They stole the Glengarry leads.
00:55:40- They stole Rio Rancho. - I have stuff from last year's file.
00:55:44Oh, oh, oh. Your "nostalgia" file.
00:55:47Oh, great. That's great, 'cause I don't...
00:55:50- Do you want to go out today? - I don't have to eat this month.
00:55:52Great. Give them to me.
00:55:55Bring them. Come on.
00:56:00Fucking Mitch and Murray are going to shit a...
00:56:04What am I going to do all month?
00:56:07See, the thing of it is,
00:56:09is were the leads insured? You think?
00:56:12- What? - Were the leads insured?
00:56:15I don't know, why?
00:56:17'Cause if they weren't, I know Mitch and Murray...
00:56:19- What? - They'll be upset.
00:56:22That's right.
00:56:24You're right.
00:56:28He said we're all going to have to talk to the guy.
00:56:30- To... - The cop.
00:56:32Great. We have to talk to the cop.
00:56:34- Another waste of time. - A waste of time? Why?
00:56:38Why? 'Cause they're not going to find the guy.
00:56:40- The cops? - Yes, the cops. No.
00:56:44The cops aren't going to find the guy?
00:56:45- Nope. - Why do you think so?
00:56:47Why? Because they are stupid. Where were you last night?
00:56:51- Where were you? - Where was I?
00:56:53- Yeah. - I was at home.
00:56:54- Where were you? - At home.
00:56:56See? Were you the guy who broke in?
00:56:58- Was I? - Yes.
00:56:59- No. - Then don't sweat it. You know why?
00:57:01- No. - You have nothing to hide.
00:57:03- When I talk to police, I get nervous. - Yes, you know who doesn't?
00:57:06- No. Who? - Thieves.
00:57:09I don't know what I'm going to tell them.
00:57:11The truth. Always tell them the truth.
00:57:13It's the easiest thing to remember.
00:57:16Whoa, whoa! "Patel"?
00:57:19"Ravidam Patel"?
00:57:21How am I going to make a living on these deadbeats?
00:57:23- Where did you get this from, a morgue? - Look, I'm...
00:57:25Come on. What's the point? What's the fucking point?
00:57:28I got to argue with you, I got to knock heads with the cops,
00:57:31I'm busting my balls to sell your dirt
00:57:33to deadbeats... money in the mattress.
00:57:36I come back, you can't even keep the contracts safe.
00:57:39I got to go out... fuck this shit.
00:57:41I'm going to go out and re-close last week's stuff.
00:57:43No, the word from Murray is leave them alone.
00:57:45If he needs a new sig, he'll go out himself.
00:57:47- Murray's gonna go out? - He'll be "president of the company
00:57:50just in from out of town," all right?
00:57:54Okay, okay, okay. Give me this shit.
00:57:57- I'm giving you three leads. - Three? I count two.
00:58:00- There's three leads there. - Patel? Fuck you.
00:58:02Fucking Shiva handed this guy a million dollars,
00:58:05told him, "Sign the deal," he wouldn't sign.
00:58:07And the god Vishnu, too, into the bargain. Fuck you.
00:58:10You know your business, I know mine. Your business is being an asshole.
00:58:13If I find out whose fucking cousin you are, I'm gonna go to him
00:58:16and figure out a way to have your ass... fuck you!
00:58:20I'm waiting for the new leads.
00:58:27Get the chalk! Hey! Get the chalk!
00:58:31Get the... I did it... I closed 'em.
00:58:32I closed the cocksucker. Get the chalk.
00:58:34Put me on the board, John. Put me on the Cadillac board!
00:58:38Williamson, pick up the fucking chalk.
00:58:41- Rick... eight units, Mountain View. - You sold eight Mountain View?
00:58:45You bet your ass! Who wants to go to lunch?
00:58:47Who wants to go to lunch... I'm buying.
00:58:49Williamson... $82,000, 12 grand in my commission.
00:58:53On deadbeat magazine subscription leads.
00:58:56- Who? - Bruce and Harriett Nyborg.
00:58:58Read it. What the hell happened here?
00:59:01Fuck! I had them on River Glen.
00:59:03- What happened? - Somebody broke in.
00:59:05- Eight units! - Yeah.
00:59:07- Shelly! - Big deal... I broke a bad streak.
00:59:10Shelly "The Machine" Levene. That's great.
00:59:12Thank you, George. Hey...
00:59:14- grab the phone, call Mitch. - They took the phones.
00:59:17- Huh? - Aaronow?
00:59:18They took the leads, the cash, the contracts.
00:59:21- We had a robbery. - When?
00:59:23- Last night, this morning. - They took the leads?
00:59:28Fucking asshole.
00:59:30What? They beat you with a rubber bat?
00:59:32Cop couldn't find his dick with two hands and a map.
00:59:35Anybody who talks to this asshole is a fucking asshole.
00:59:37- You gonna turn state's? - Fuck you, Ricky.
00:59:39I ain't going out today. I'm going home.
00:59:42I'm going home because nothing's accomplished here.
00:59:45- Anybody talks to this guy... - Guess what "The Machine" did.
00:59:47- Fuck "The Machine." - Mountain View, eight units.
00:59:50Cop's got no right to talk to me that way. I did not rob the place.
00:59:53- Did you hear what I said? - Yeah, he closed the deal.
00:59:57Eight units, Mountain View.
00:59:59- You did that? - Yeah.
01:00:03- Fuck you. - Guess who?
01:00:05- When? - Just now.
01:00:07- Guess who? - You just... this morning?
01:00:09Harriett and blah blah Nyborg.
01:00:12- You did that? - Yeah... $82,000.
01:00:16- Those fucking deadbeats. - My ass. I told 'em... listen to this.
01:00:20- I don't want to hear your war stories. - Fuck you, Dave.
01:00:23I said, "You have to believe in yourself."
01:00:25Give me a lead. I'm going out. I'm getting out.
01:00:28- Fuck the leads. I'm going home. - "Fuck me, Bruce.
01:00:33- You have to believe in yourself." - We haven't got a lead.
01:00:34- Why not? - They took 'em.
01:00:37They're fucking garbage, any case. The whole goddamn...
01:00:40"You look around, you say, 'This one has so-and-so. I got nothing.
01:00:43But why? Why don't I get the opportunities?"'
01:00:46- Did they steal the contracts? - What the fuck do you care?
01:00:48What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
01:00:50Will you shut up? I'm telling him something.
01:00:54Could we get some coffee?
01:00:56- How are you doing? - Fine.
01:01:01Anybody's going out, I could use some coffee.
01:01:05- "You do get the opportunity." - Fuck is that supposed to mean?
01:01:09"You do get the opportunities. You get 'em as I get 'em,
01:01:12- as everybody gets 'em." - I don't care they stole the contracts?
01:01:14I got 'em in the kitchen, eating their crumb cake...
01:01:16- What does that mean? - It means, Dave,
01:01:19You haven't closed a good one in a month.
01:01:21None of my business, you want to push me to answer you.
01:01:23So you haven't got a contract to get stolen and so forth.
01:01:26You got a mean streak in you. Shut the fuck up!
01:01:29Ricky, you got a mean streak in you, and what are you babbling about?
01:01:32You bring that shit up... on my volume?
01:01:34If you were on a bad one and I brought it up to you, you'd harbor it.
01:01:37You'd harbor it a long while and you'd be right.
01:01:40- Who said "Fuck 'The Machine"'? - Fuck "The Machine"?
01:01:42Fuck "The Machine"? Fuck "The Machine"!
01:01:45What is this, courtesy class? You're fucked, Rick.
01:01:48Are you fucking nuts? You're hot, so you think
01:01:51- you're the ruler of this place. - Wait a minute, Dave.
01:01:53- Shut up! - Okay...
01:01:55You want to decide who should be dealt with how, is that it?
01:01:57I come into the office today, I get humiliated by some jag-off cop.
01:02:00I get accused of...
01:02:02I get shit thrown in my face because you're top name on the board?
01:02:06Is that what I did, Dave... I humiliated you?
01:02:09- Oh, my God, I'm sorry. - Sitting on top of the world.
01:02:13Sitting on top of the world... everything's fucking peach fuzz.
01:02:15I don't get a moment to spare for some bust-out humanitarian
01:02:19- down on his luck lately? - Fuck you!
01:02:21Fuck you, Dave... you know you got a big mouth.
01:02:23You make a close, this whole place stinks with your farts for a week...
01:02:26how much you just ingested. Oh, what a big man you are!
01:02:30"Let me buy you a pack of gum... I'll show you how to chew it."
01:02:33Your pal closes, and all that comes out of your mouth is bile.
01:02:36How fucked-up you are!
01:02:39Who's my pal, Ricky? Hmm? And what are you?
01:02:44What are you, huh, Bishop Sheen?
01:02:48What the fuck are you, "Mr. Slick"?
01:02:50What the fuck are you, "Friend to the working man"?
01:02:52Big deal! Fuck you!
01:02:57You got the memory of a fucking fly!
01:03:01I never liked you, anyway.
01:03:04What is this, your farewell speech?
01:03:07- I'm going home. - Your farewell to the troops?
01:03:09I'm not going home. I'm going to Wisconsin.
01:03:11- Have a good trip. - Aw, fuck you!
01:03:14Fuck the lot of you! Fuck you all!
01:03:21You were saying?
01:03:26Come on.
01:03:28Come on... you got 'em in the kitchen,
01:03:30you're in your shirtsleeves,
01:03:33you got the stats spread out,
01:03:35you can smell it. Come on, snap out of it.
01:03:39- You're eating her crumb cake. - Oh yeah, I'm eating her crumb cake.
01:03:42- How was it? - From the store.
01:03:45- Fuck her. - "Bruce, Harriett...
01:03:48we have to admit to ourselves that we see that opportunity
01:03:52and take it... and that's it." Now, we just sit there.
01:03:55- I got my pen out. - "Always Be Closing."
01:03:57God, that's what I've been saying... the old ways.
01:04:00Convert that motherfucker, sell him, make him sign the check.
01:04:03They got their money in government bonds...
01:04:05I said, "Fuck it... let's go all the way, the whole route."
01:04:09I take it and plat it out... eight units, 82 grand, and I say to them,
01:04:13"This is now. This is that thing that you have been dreaming of.
01:04:19You are going to find the suitcase on the train.
01:04:21The man walks in the room, that bag is filled with money.
01:04:24Harriett, this is it, and Bruce... I don't want to fuck around with you.
01:04:28No, I don't. I don't want to pussyfoot around.
01:04:31You think you got to look back on this thing? I do, too.
01:04:35Now, I'm here to do good for you and me... the both of us.
01:04:38What is the point of some interim position?
01:04:41The only arrangement I will accept is full investment.
01:04:45And I mean it, that's it... all eight units. Period."
01:04:48Now I got the pen in my hand, Rick... hey.
01:04:51I turned that contract around... that's eight units, 82 grand...
01:04:56and I said, "I want you to sign."
01:05:00I sat there five minutes.
01:05:03Then I sat 22 minutes by that kitchen clock on the wall.
01:05:09Ricky... not a word, not a motion.
01:05:11And what am I thinking? "Is my arm getting tired?"
01:05:14No. I did it. Just like the old days,
01:05:17like I used to, like I was taught.
01:05:19- I did it. - Like you taught me.
01:05:21Nobody ever... well, if I did, I'm glad.
01:05:24No, what I did... I locked on 'em.
01:05:26I locked all on them... nothing on me... on them.
01:05:29And, oh God, I am holding my last thought,
01:05:32"Now is the time."
01:05:36They signed. It was great.
01:05:39It was so fucking great.
01:05:42It was like they wilted all at once.
01:05:46- Mmm. - No gesture, nothing... just together.
01:05:49Honest to God, they both imperceptibly slumped.
01:05:54And then he reached and he took the pen and he signed,
01:05:58passed it to her and she signed.
01:06:00It was solemn... fucking solemn.
01:06:02I let it sit, and then I nodded. I said, "Harriett, Bruce,"
01:06:07then I pointed into the living room to the sideboard.
01:06:10I didn't know there was a sideboard in there.
01:06:12He went over, he brought us back a drink...
01:06:14little shot glasses with a pretty design in 'em.
01:06:19And we just toasted in silence.
01:06:23Great sale, Shelly.
01:06:29Fuck! Send me out! Give me leads!
01:06:32- Williamson! Send me out! - Whoa!
01:06:33- The leads are coming. - Get 'em to me.
01:06:36I talked to Mitch and Murray an hour ago. They're coming in.
01:06:38- They're a bit upset over this. - Did you tell 'em my sale?
01:06:41How could I tell 'em your sale? I didn't have a tele...
01:06:43I'll tell 'em your sale when they bring in the leads.
01:06:46We had a little... you closed the deal, you made a good sale. Fine.
01:06:49- Better than a good sale. - I have a lot of things on my mind.
01:06:52They're coming and they're very upset. I'm trying to make...
01:06:55All I'm telling you is, you can tell them it was a remarkably good sale.
01:06:58The only thing remarkable about it is who you made it to.
01:07:01- What the fuck does that mean? - If the sale sticks it'll be a miracle.
01:07:04"If the sale sticks"? Why shouldn't the sale stick?
01:07:07Oh, fuck you! You do not know your job.
01:07:11Do you know that? A man is his job!
01:07:13You are fucked at yours. You hear what I'm saying to you?
01:07:16Your "End of the Month" fucking boar...
01:07:18you do not know how to run this office.
01:07:20You haven't got the sense. You haven't got the balls.
01:07:22Have you ever been on a sit? Has this cocksucker been on a sit?
01:07:25- Did you ever sit... - If I were you, I would calm down.
01:07:28Would you? What are you gonna do, fire me?
01:07:30Oh, oh, Rick, ooh.
01:07:32- It's not impossible. - Really? On an $80,000 day?
01:07:35- It's not even noon yet. - You closed 'em today?
01:07:38I got up early this morning, tracked 'em down, and closed it.
01:07:41What I'm saying to you is that things change.
01:07:44That's where you fuck up. You don't know. You can't look back.
01:07:48You don't see who's coming. Maybe it's someone new, huh?
01:07:52Maybe it's someone else, but you don't know...
01:07:54you can't look back, because you don't know your history!
01:07:57When we were on Rio Rancho, who was the top man, huh?
01:07:59For what, two months, three months?
01:08:01How about eight months, for three years in a row!
01:08:04Luck... was that it, John? Or purloined fucking leads?
01:08:08- It was talent! - Yes.
01:08:10Door to door. It's called "cold calling," John.
01:08:13Shit, I don't even know their name. They don't want to buy what I've got.
01:08:17Soft sell... we were doing it before we had a name for it.
01:08:20- Am I right? - You're right, you're right.
01:08:22You wouldn't know, you cock... he doesn't even know what a streak is.
01:08:26What the hell are you?
01:08:28You're a fucking secretary. Fuck you!
01:08:31That's my message to you... fuck you, and kiss my ass.
01:08:34If you don't like that, I go across the street and speak to Jerry Graff.
01:08:38Period. Fuck you.
01:08:40Listen to me... you put me on that fucking board,
01:08:43and I want three promising leads for today,
01:08:46I don't want any bullshit, and I want 'em close together,
01:08:49because I am going to close them all.
01:08:51And that's all I have to say to you.
01:08:56He's right, Williamson.
01:09:01I'm sorry, but it's wrong, and you know whose fault it is?
01:09:05Mitch and Murray.
01:09:09To hell with him. Let's get some lunch, huh, Rick?
01:09:12The leads won't be up here till later anyway.
01:09:14You're a client. I just sold you five waterfront Glengarry Farms.
01:09:17I do this with my hair, throw me the cue "Kenilworth."
01:09:20- Which is it? - Kenilworth.
01:09:23I own the property. My mother owns the property.
01:09:25I put her into it.
01:09:27You look on the plats when you go home. You'll see...
01:09:31A-3 through 10, 26 through 30.
01:09:33- Take your time. If you still feel... - I won't need more time, Rick.
01:09:37- I've bought a lot of property. - I've got to talk to you.
01:09:39Jim, what are you doing here?
01:09:42Jim Lingk, D. Ray Morton.
01:09:45- I'm glad to meet you. - I put Jim into Black Creek.
01:09:48- Are you acquainted with... - Black Creek? No.
01:09:51- Ooh, in Florida! - Yes.
01:09:53- I meant to speak to you about that. - We'll do that this weekend.
01:09:56My wife suggested I look into it.
01:09:58Beautiful rolling land... I was telling Jim and Jinny.
01:10:01Ray, I got to tell you something. You eat in a lot of restaurants?
01:10:05I know you do. Ray is with American Express.
01:10:07- Can I tell Jim what you do? - Sure.
01:10:09Ray is the director of all European sales and services...
01:10:13what I'm saying is, you haven't had a meal until you've tasted...
01:10:16I was at the Lingks'...
01:10:18what was that service feature you were talking about?
01:10:20- Which... - "Home cooking."
01:10:22- You had a tag phrase you used? - "Cooking"...
01:10:25"Home cook..." the monthly interview.
01:10:27- The magazine! - Yes.
01:10:29Is that something I can talk about?
01:10:31It won't be out until the February issue, but go ahead.
01:10:35- Are you sure? - Go ahead.
01:10:37Ray was eating at one of his company men's homes in France.
01:10:40- The man is French? - No, but his wife is.
01:10:42His wife.
01:10:43Ray, what time do you have?
01:10:46- 12:15. - I got to get you on the plane.
01:10:49- Didn't I say the 2:00? - No, the 1:00.
01:10:51Remember the 1:00... that's why we couldn't talk till Kenilworth.
01:10:54You're right, the 1:00... let's scoot.
01:10:56- A pleasure. - I got to talk to you.
01:10:58I got to run Ray to the airport. Let's hustle... John!
01:11:01Get on the phone to Pittsburgh, American Express there, for Mr. Morton.
01:11:05Tell them he's on the 1:00. I'll see you.
01:11:08Christ, I'm sorry you came all the way in.
01:11:11I'm running Ray to the airport. You wait here and...
01:11:14no, I can't. I'm meeting your man at the bank.
01:11:17I wish you'd have phoned! Are you and Jinny going to be home?
01:11:21- I don't know. - Rick?
01:11:22- What? - Kenilworth?
01:11:24- I'm sorry? - Kenilworth.
01:11:26Oh, God. Excuse me, Ray... just a minute.
01:11:29Jim, I told you who he is... the senior vice-president of American Express.
01:11:33His family owns 32 per...
01:11:35over the past years, I have sold him... I can't tell you the dollar amount...
01:11:39but quite a lot of land.
01:11:42I promised him five weeks ago that I would go to the wife's birthday party
01:11:46in Kenilworth tonight. I have to go, you understand?
01:11:48They treat me like a member of the family. I have to go.
01:11:51It's funny... you get a picture of the corporation-type company man,
01:11:56all business... this guy, I'll tell you.
01:11:58We'll go to his house someday.
01:12:00Let me see. Tomorrow. I'm in L. A?
01:12:05Ah, Monday.
01:12:07I'll take you to lunch. Where would you like to eat?
01:12:09- My wife... - Rick?
01:12:11I can't talk now, Jim... I'll call you tonight. Coming, Ray.
01:12:14My wife said I have to cancel the deal.
01:12:18That's a common reaction, Jim, and let me tell you what it is.
01:12:21That's why you married her. One of the reasons is prudence.
01:12:24No, it's a sizable investment. One thinks twice.
01:12:27It's also something women have. Reaction to the size of the investment.
01:12:32Monday, you invite me to dinner again...
01:12:34- This woman can cook. - I'm sure she can.
01:12:36We are going to talk. I want to tell you something.
01:12:39Something about your acreage I want you to know.
01:12:42I can't talk about it here, I really shouldn't, and by law...
01:12:46the man next to you... bought his lot at 42...
01:12:50phoned to say he already had an offer.
01:12:52- Rick. - I'm coming.
01:12:54Ray, what a day. I'll call you this evening.
01:12:57I'm sorry you had to come all the way in. Monday lunch.
01:13:00- We have to go. - Monday!
01:13:02She called the consumer... the attorney general?
01:13:05- They said we have three days. - Who'd she call?
01:13:08The attorney ge... it was some consumer office.
01:13:12Why'd she do that, Jim?
01:13:15I don't know.
01:13:16But they said we have three days.
01:13:18They said we got three days, yeah.
01:13:22Three days?
01:13:24- To... you know. - No, I don't know.
01:13:28- Tell me. - To change our minds.
01:13:31Of course you have... three days.
01:13:34So we can't talk Monday.
01:13:37Monday... you saw my book.
01:13:40Jim, Jim... I can't.
01:13:42You saw my book. I can't.
01:13:44We have to before Monday to get our money back.
01:13:46Three business days, they mean.
01:13:48- Three business days. - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
01:13:51- I don't understand. - That's what they are, three business...
01:13:54if we wait till Monday, my time limit runs out.
01:13:56- You don't count Saturday. - I'm not.
01:13:59I'm saying you don't include Saturday in the three days.
01:14:01- It's not a business day. - I am not counting it.
01:14:05Wednesday, Thursday, Friday... so it would have elapsed.
01:14:10What would have elapsed?
01:14:12If we wait till Monday it would have elapsed!
01:14:13- When did you write the check? - Yesterday.
01:14:16- What was yesterday? - Tuesday.
01:14:17- And when was that check cashed? - I don't know.
01:14:21What was the earliest it could have been cashed?
01:14:23- I don't know. - Today.
01:14:27Today. Which, in any case, it was not...
01:14:30there was something on the agreement I wanted to go over with you.
01:14:33It wasn't cashed?
01:14:35I just phoned downtown... it's on their desk.
01:14:37- Rick. - One moment.
01:14:40One point, in fact, of which I spoke to you of which,
01:14:42I can't talk to you about it here.
01:14:45- Levene! - Listen to me.
01:14:47The statute is for your protection. I have no complaint with that.
01:14:51In fact, I was a member of the board when we drafted it.
01:14:53So quite the opposite. It says,
01:14:55"You can change your mind three 'working days'
01:14:58from the time the deal was closed."
01:15:00- Levene! - Wait a second!
01:15:02Which is not until the check is cashed!
01:15:04I'm through with this "meshugaas." Nobody should talk to a man that way.
01:15:08- How are you talking to me that way? - Levene!
01:15:10- How can you talk to me that way? - I'm gonna flag a cab.
01:15:13- I didn't rob... - Shelly, get in the office.
01:15:16"Where were you last?" Is anybody listening to me?
01:15:19- Where's Moss? - Is this Levene?
01:15:23Perhaps I could assist you. Excuse us, will you?
01:15:26I work here! I didn't come in here to be mistreated!
01:15:30- Go to lunch, will you? - That's why I came in to work today.
01:15:32The leads come in, I'll let you know.
01:15:34- That's why I came in! - Just go to lunch.
01:15:36- I don't wanna go to lunch! - Go to lunch, George.
01:15:39Where does he get off talking that way to a working man?
01:15:41Take it outside. We have people trying to do business.
01:15:43That's what I came in here for. That's what I'm trying to do!
01:15:45- I meet Gestapo tactics. - Excuse me.
01:15:48I meet Gestapo tactics!
01:15:50I meet Gestapo tactics. That's not right.
01:15:52No man has the right... no man has the right...
01:15:58"Call an attorney"... that means you're under...
01:16:02he says, "Cooperate or we'll take you downtown."
01:16:04That's not... as long as I've...
01:16:06Will you get out of here?
01:16:08Will you get out of here? Will you?
01:16:10I'm trying to run an office here. Now, will you go to lunch?
01:16:14Go to lunch. Will you go to lunch?
01:16:31- Excuse me. - Where did Moss?
01:16:34- Excuse me, please? - Did he go to the restaurant?
01:16:37Will you excuse me, please?
01:16:43I'm sorry, I...
01:16:47I apologize to you. It's...
01:16:50It's not me, it's my wife.
01:16:55What is it?
01:16:57- I told you. - Tell me again.
01:16:59- What's going on here? - Tell me again... your wife?
01:17:02- I told you. - Tell me again.
01:17:04She wants her money back.
01:17:06We're gonna speak to her.
01:17:08No, she told me, "Right now."
01:17:11- We're gonna speak to her, Jim. - She won't listen.
01:17:13- She... - Roma!
01:17:15She said if don't get my money back, to call the state's attorney.
01:17:19No. No. This is something she said.
01:17:21- We don't have to do that. - She told me I have to.
01:17:23- No, Jim. - I do.
01:17:25Listen, I do... if I don't get my money back...
01:17:27Roma, I'm talking to you.
01:17:29Listen... will someone get this guy off my back, please?
01:17:33- You have a problem? - Yes, I have a problem!
01:17:36Yes, I do, my friend. It is not me
01:17:38that ripped the joint off. I'm doing business.
01:17:41I will be with you in a while, got it?
01:17:45Where are you going? Where are you going?
01:17:50This is me!
01:17:52Jim, this is Ricky, Jim.
01:17:57Jim, anything you want, you want it, you got it.
01:18:02Understand? This is me.
01:18:04Something upset you.
01:18:07Yes. Sit down now.
01:18:09Sit down. You tell me what it is,
01:18:13am I gonna help you fix it?
01:18:16You're goddamned right I am.
01:18:18Sit down.
01:18:21I'll tell you something,
01:18:24sometimes we need someone from outside.
01:18:32Sit. Talk to me, come on.
01:18:38I can't negotiate.
01:18:42What does that mean?
01:18:50What? Say the words.
01:18:52I don't have the power.
01:18:55Okay, I said it.
01:18:57- What power? - To negotiate.
01:19:01To negotiate what?
01:19:05To negotiate what?
01:19:09- What this? - The deal.
01:19:11The deal?
01:19:13Forget the deal, Jim.
01:19:15You got something on your mind, what is it?
01:19:23I can't talk to you.
01:19:25You met my wife.
01:19:28- What? - Aw...
01:19:33I met your wife, what?
01:19:39What, Jim?
01:19:44Come on, let's go. Let's go, let's go.
01:19:46Get a drink, come on.
01:19:47No, no, she told me not to talk to you.
01:19:50Come on, we're gonna go around the corner.
01:19:52We'll have a drink. Who's gonna know?
01:19:53She told me to get the check back, otherwise...
01:19:55Forget the deal, Jimmy. Forget the deal.
01:19:57The deal is dead. You know me, the deal's dead.
01:20:01Am I talking about the deal?
01:20:04That's over.
01:20:06Please... let's talk about you.
01:20:15I'm gonna tell you something.
01:20:18Your life is your own.
01:20:22You have a contract with your wife,
01:20:24you have certain things you do jointly,
01:20:28you have a bond there. And there are other things,
01:20:31and those things are yours. You needn't feel ashamed.
01:20:37You needn't feel that you're being untrue
01:20:40or that she would abandon you if she knew.
01:20:44This is your life.
01:20:57Now, I want to talk to you because you're obviously upset,
01:21:00and that concerns me.
01:21:03Let's go, come on, right now.
01:21:06Let's go, come on.
01:21:10- What? - The check, it's...
01:21:14What did I tell you?
01:21:16No, what did I tell you about the three days?
01:21:18Roma, would you? I'd like to get some lunch.
01:21:21I am talking with Mr. Lingk, if you please.
01:21:25I will be with you in a while. Just check with Mr. Williamson.
01:21:29- People downtown said... - Call them again. Mr. Williamson!
01:21:35Mr. Lingk and I are going to go to the...
01:21:37Oh, yes, please. The police can be...
01:21:40- What are the police doing here? - It's nothing.
01:21:43- What are the police doing here? - We had a slight burglary last night.
01:21:46It's nothing, I was just assuring Mr. Lingk.
01:21:49Mr. Lingk? James Lingk? Your contract went out.
01:21:51- Nothing to worry about. - John, John...
01:21:53- Your contract went out to the bank. - You cashed my check?
01:21:55- Mr. Williamson... - The check was cashed.
01:21:57The contract was filed and deposited in the bank,
01:22:00and we're completely insured in any case, as you know.
01:22:02- You cashed the check? - Not to my knowledge, no.
01:22:06- Though I'm sure we can... - Not to my knowledge.
01:22:09Christ! I... Oh, Christ.
01:22:13Don't follow me, just don't follow me, okay?
01:22:18I've let you down. I know I've let you down.
01:22:20I'm sorry, forgive me. I-I...
01:22:25I don't... I don't know anymore.
01:22:29I... forgive me.
01:22:48You stupid fucking cunt.
01:22:52You, Williamson, I'm talking to you, shithead.
01:22:54You just cost me $6,000.
01:22:57$6,000, and one Cadillac. That's right.
01:23:03What are you gonna do about it?
01:23:06What are you gonna do about it, asshole?
01:23:10You're fucking shit.
01:23:12Where did you learn your trade,
01:23:15you stupid fucking cunt, you idiot?
01:23:18Who ever told you that you could work with men?
01:23:20Could I?
01:23:22Oh, I'm gonna have your job, shithead.
01:23:24I'm going downtown. I'm gonna talk to Mitch and Murray.
01:23:27I'm going to Lemkin! I don't care whose nephew you are,
01:23:31who you know, whose dick you're sucking on,
01:23:34you're going out. I swear to you...
01:23:37Hey, fella, let's get this done.
01:23:41Anyone in this office lives on his wits...
01:23:45I'm gonna be with you in a second.
01:23:50What you're hired for is to help us.
01:23:54Does that seem clear to you?
01:23:57To help us! Not to fuck us up!
01:24:02To help men who are going out there
01:24:05to try to earn a living, you fairy.
01:24:09You company man.
01:24:10I'll tell you something else, I hope you ripped the joint off.
01:24:14I can tell our friend here something, might help him to catch you.
01:24:22You wanna learn the first rule
01:24:24you'd know if you ever spent a day in your life?
01:24:28You never open your mouth till you know what the shot is.
01:24:35You fucking child.
01:24:50You are a shithead, Williamson.
01:24:55Can't think on your feet, you ought to keep your mouth closed.
01:24:58Can you hear me? I'm talking to you.
01:25:01Yes, I hear you.
01:25:03Ricky's right. Can't learn in an office, gotta learn it in the street.
01:25:06And you sure can't buy it, you gotta live it.
01:25:09- Mmmm. - "Mmmm," yeah!
01:25:11Precisely. Because your partner depends...
01:25:14I'm talking to you, trying to tell you something!
01:25:16- You are? - Yeah, I am.
01:25:17- What are you trying to tell me? - What Roma was trying to tell you.
01:25:20What I told you a long time ago. You don't belong in this business.
01:25:23You might listen to me. One day you could say,
01:25:25"Hey, maybe the guy..." oh, fuck it.
01:25:27Listen to me now. Your partner depends on you.
01:25:30The man who is your partner, depends on you.
01:25:33You go with him and for him or you're shit!
01:25:36You are shit... you can't exist alone.
01:25:38- Excuse me. - "Excuse you," nothing!
01:25:40You be as cold as you want. You just fucked a good man
01:25:43out of $6,000 and his goddamned bonus
01:25:45because you didn't know the shot.
01:25:48You can do that and you're not man enough to say it gets you?
01:25:50I don't know what... if you can't take something from that,
01:25:53then you're... scum! You're fucking white bread.
01:25:56A child would know it, he's right.
01:25:59If you're gonna make something up, be sure that it helps.
01:26:02Hmm? Or keep your mouth shut.
01:26:05I'm done with you.
01:26:21How do you know I made it up?
01:26:25How do you know I made it up?
01:26:28What are you talking about, huh?
01:26:33You said, "Don't make something up unless it's sure to help."
01:26:38- How did you know I made it up? - What are you talking about?
01:26:50I told the customer his contract had gone to the bank.
01:26:53Yeah. Well, hadn't it?
01:26:59No, it hadn't.
01:27:03Don't fuck with me.
01:27:05Don't fuck with me! What are you getting at?
01:27:07I'm saying this, Shelly...
01:27:13usually I take the contracts to the bank,
01:27:16last night I didn't.
01:27:19Last night I stayed home with my kids.
01:27:24How did you know that?
01:27:29One night in a year, I left a contract on my desk.
01:27:34No one knew that but you.
01:27:37Now, how did you know that?
01:27:39You want to talk to me or you want to talk to someone else?
01:27:43Because this is my job!
01:27:44This is my job on the line and you are gonna talk to me!
01:27:48Now how did you know that contract was on my desk?
01:27:51You are so full of shit!
01:27:54- You robbed the office. - Oh, sure, I robbed the office.
01:27:56Oh sure! You asshole.
01:27:59What did you do with the leads?
01:28:01You wanna go in there? I tell him what I know,
01:28:03he's gonna dig up something. You got an alibi last night?
01:28:06You better have one! What did you do with the leads?
01:28:09If you tell me what you did with the leads, we can talk.
01:28:13I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
01:28:15If you tell me where the leads are, I won't turn you in.
01:28:18If you don't, I'm gonna tell the cop you stole them.
01:28:20Mitch and Murray will see that you go to jail, believe me, they will!
01:28:23Now, where are the leads?
01:28:25I'm walking in that door. You got five seconds
01:28:27- or you are going to jail! - Go ahead.
01:28:29I don't care, you understand?
01:28:32Where are the leads?
01:28:36All right.
01:28:40I sold them.
01:28:51To Jerry Graff.
01:28:54How much did you get for them?
01:28:56How much did you get for them?
01:28:58Five. Five grand.
01:29:00- I got half. - Who got the other half?
01:29:03Do I have to tell you?
01:29:12Well, that was easy, wasn't it?
01:29:14- His idea. - Was it?
01:29:16I think he got more than five, actually.
01:29:19- Uh-huh. - He told me my cut was 2500.
01:29:26Wait a minute. Okay... hey, hey, John!
01:29:28Wait... okay, John! Hey, Johnny.
01:29:31Listen. Come here, come here.
01:29:37Eh, John?
01:29:38Last night...
01:29:41I gotta tell you, I'm ready to "do the Dutch."
01:29:43I'm done. Moss gets me, "Do this, we'll get well."
01:29:46Why not? Big fucking deal. I'm halfway hoping to get caught.
01:29:50Hey... put me out of my misery. It taught me something, John.
01:29:54What it taught me... you gotta get out there!
01:29:56I'm not cut out to be a thief, I'm cut out to be a salesman.
01:30:00And I am back. I got my balls back.
01:30:03Now... you got a slight advantage on me.
01:30:07But whatever it takes, John,
01:30:10to make things right, we're gonna make it right.
01:30:12We are going to make it right.
01:30:18I want to tell you something, Shelly.
01:30:20- Eh? - You have a big mouth.
01:30:26You've got a big mouth!
01:30:28And now I'm gonna show you an even bigger one.
01:30:31Where are you going?
01:30:33You can't do that! You don't want to do that.
01:30:36Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
01:30:40It's $2,500. Go ahead and take it, take it all.
01:30:43No, I don't think so. I don't think I want your money.
01:30:46I think you fucked up my office, and I think you're going away.
01:30:49Are you nuts? I'm gonna close for you! Take...
01:30:53I'm gonna make this office and be number one on that board again.
01:30:56Wait, John.
01:30:58John... okay.
01:31:05This is what we're gonna do... 20%.
01:31:09I'm gonna give you 20% of all my sales.
01:31:1320%, as long as I'm with this firm.
01:31:18- 50% of all my sales. - What sales?
01:31:22What sales? My God, I just closed 82 grand.
01:31:24Are you out of your fucking mind? I'm back! This is just the beginning!
01:31:28Just the beginning? Where have you been, Shelly?
01:31:30Bruce and Harriett Nyborg... do you want to see the memos?
01:31:33They're nuts. They used to call in every week...
01:31:37when I was with Webb... we were selling Arizona.
01:31:39They're nuts.
01:31:42Did you see how they were living? How can you delude yourself?
01:31:47- I've got their check. - Forget it. Frame it.
01:31:49- It's worthless. - The check is no good?
01:31:51You want to stick around? I'll pull the memo. I'm busy.
01:31:54The check is no good? They're nuts?
01:31:56You want to call the bank? I called them.
01:31:58I called them four months ago when we first got the lead.
01:32:01The people are insane.
01:32:06They just like talking to salesmen.
01:32:14- Don't! - I'm sorry.
01:32:21- Why? - Because I don't like you.
01:32:32My daughter.
01:32:34Fuck you.
01:32:53Guy couldn't find his fucking couch in the living room.
01:32:59What a day.
01:33:03I haven't even had a cup of coffee.
01:33:09Jag-off John opens his mouth, blows my Cadillac.
01:33:16I swear, it's not a world of men.
01:33:22It is not a world of men, "Machine."
01:33:24- Huh? - It's a world of clock-watchers...
01:33:30officeholders, what it is.
01:33:34It's a fucked-up world.
01:33:38No adventure to it.
01:33:40Dying breed. Yes, it is.
01:33:46We're the members of a dying breed. That's... that's...
01:33:50that's why we got to stick together. Shel?
01:33:54- Huh? - I want to talk to you.
01:33:57I've wanted to talk to you for some time...
01:33:59for a long time, actually. I said, "The Machine"...
01:34:03there's a man I would work with.
01:34:06There's..." you know, I never said a word.
01:34:10I don't know why I didn't. I should've, I don't know why.
01:34:13And that shit you were slinging on my guy today...
01:34:17that was so good. That... it...
01:34:21excuse me for saying this, it's not even my place to say it.
01:34:24That was admirable.
01:34:27It was the old stuff.
01:34:30Hey, I've been on a hot streak.
01:34:33So what? Things I can learn from you.
01:34:39- You eat today? - Me?
01:34:43Want to swing around the Chinks'... watch me eat, we'll talk?
01:34:46I think I'll stay around awhile.
01:34:49Hello, Mrs. Schwartz?
01:34:51This is Richard Roma with Premiere Properties.
01:34:53You or your accountant requested information on a land investment
01:34:56which would offer you depreciation and the chance
01:34:58of a substantial return on a small investment.
01:35:01I'm in from Florida just for one day...
01:35:03- Mr. Levene? I only have that one lot left.
01:35:07Would you come in here, please?
01:35:09I don't have too much time and I'm on the midnight plane back,
01:35:12so if you or your husband are truly interested...
01:35:14because I can't hold this parcel past...
01:35:19Well, what would be better for you... say, 6:00 or 8:00?
01:35:24Go ask him. Shel... we're gonna talk? I'm going to the Chinks'.
01:35:28When you're done, come down. We're gonna smoke a cigarette.
01:35:30- I... - Get in the room.
01:35:32Hey. Hey, easy, pal. That's "The Machine."
01:35:36This is Shelly "The Machine" Levene.
01:35:39- Get in the goddamn room. - Rick, I...
01:35:41- I'll meet you at the restaurant. - Ricky...
01:35:44- Ricky can't help you. - All I want is...
01:35:46What do you want? You want to what?
01:35:48- Rick? Rick? - Hello? Excellent.
01:35:538:00 P.M. 6947 Euclid.
01:35:58Not at all... thank you very much.
01:36:11They find the guy that broke in the office?
01:36:15No. I don't know.
01:36:23Did the leads come in yet?
01:36:35Oh God, I hate this job.
01:36:38Anybody wants me, I'm at the restaurant.
01:36:45Hello, Mrs. Delgari?
01:36:48Yes... you requested some information about Rio Rancho Properties?
01:36:52# Blue skies smiling at me #
01:36:56# Nothing but blue skies do I see #
01:37:02# In the morning there's bluebirds #
01:37:05# Singing a song #
01:37:08# Nothing but bluebirds #
01:37:11# From now on #
01:37:14# I never saw the sun shining so bright #
01:37:17# Never saw things going so right #
01:37:20# Noticing the days hurrying by #
01:37:23# When you're in love, my, how they fly #
01:37:26# Blue days, all of them gone #
01:37:31# Nothing but blue skies from now on... #
01:38:21# Blue skies smiling at me #
01:38:26# Nothing but blue skies do I see #
01:38:32# In the morning there's bluebirds #
01:38:34# Singing a song #
01:38:37# Nothing but, nothing but bluebirds from now on #
01:38:42# Let me tell you I never saw the sun #
01:38:44# Shining so bright #
01:38:46# Never saw things going so right #
01:38:49# Noticing the days hurrying by #
01:38:52# When you're in love, my, how they fly #
01:38:55# Blue skies smiling at me #
01:39:00# Nothing but blue skies do I see #
01:39:05# In the morning there's bluebirds #
01:39:07# Singing a song #
01:39:11# Nothing but, nothing but bluebirds from now on #
01:39:15# Let me tell you I never saw the sun #
01:39:18# Shining so bright #
01:39:20# Never saw things going so right #
01:39:22# Noticing the days hurrying by #
01:39:25# When you're in love, my how they fly #
01:39:28# Blue days #
01:39:31# All of them, all of them gone #
01:39:34# Nothing but blue skies from now on #
01:39:39# Nothing but blue skies from now on #
01:39:44# Nothing but blue skies from now on #
01:39:50# Now on #
01:39:53# Nothing but blue skies. #

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