Wall Street

00:02:20- Easy! - Excuse me!
00:02:40Good morning. Jackson Steinem.
00:02:42- How you doing, Buddy? - Great, Carolyn.
00:02:45Doing any better would be a sin.
00:02:59Morning, Dan. What's looking good today?
00:03:01If I knew, I wouldn't be in this business. Get out while you're young.
00:03:05I came here one day, I sat down, and look at me now.
00:03:09Look at you now.
00:03:13Morning, Brian.
00:03:15- Chuckie! How's the woman slayer? - Looking for an 18-year-old wife.
00:03:19- How you doing, pal? - Well, if I had your looks, better.
00:03:22Takes years of genetics, a Yale education and the right tailor.
00:03:25Not that you learned anything, Chunk.
00:03:30Marv, I got a feeling that we are gonna make a killing today.
00:03:34Yeah? Where's your machine gun?
00:03:36You can't make a buck in this market.
00:03:38The country's going to hell faster than when Roosevelt was in charge!
00:03:42Too much cheap money sloshing around the world.
00:03:45Worst mistake we ever made was letting Nixon get off the gold standard.
00:03:49Putney Drug-you boys might wanna look at it.
00:03:52- No. They'll take five years to come around. - But they got a good new drug.
00:03:56Stick to the fundamentals. That's how IBM and Hilton were built.
00:04:00Good things sometimes take time.
00:04:03Look sharp, especially you rookies. Nikkei Index closed up 90 points last night.
00:04:08We expect heavy Japanese buying on the opening.
00:04:11The firm has 200,000 steel for sale. A million Big Blue. 350,000 pork and beans.
00:04:16Get on the horn with your institutions. These utilities are our top priority today.
00:04:21- OK. Let's go to work. - And they're off and running!
00:04:41We cleared up to 60,000 XGC at 481/2. Yes, that's right. Right.
00:04:52- The market just doubled. - Brenner!
00:04:55Research has put thrifts on the recommended.
00:04:58What? Dump it for chrissake!
00:05:0130,000. Three-eight top. I go along at 23. You got it.
00:05:06Now you own it! Conwest Air? Let me check it.
00:05:15Circle 29,000 Niagaras for Templeton.
00:05:17Mr Harrison, are you aware that we are in the biggest bull market of our generation?
00:05:23No, sir, it's not what you think. If you take five minutes of your time...
00:05:28Dreyfus is looking for 50,000 Conair!
00:05:30September 50s? How about Decembers?
00:05:33Mr Zaros? Bud Fox, Jackson Steinem.
00:05:35Yes, sir, I am aware of that.
00:05:37But if I could have five minutes to explain the opportunities emerging...
00:05:41...in the international debt market.
00:05:44No, no...
00:05:44Bud Fox, Jackson Steinem.
00:05:46Yes, I am aware of this. But if I could just explain the opportunities emerging...
00:05:52...in the international debt market...
00:05:55I'm sure that...
00:06:05Yesterday concerns my future. I need the info now, before the close.
00:06:09No, in ten minutes it's history. At four I'm a dinosaur!
00:06:13Howard, I thought you were a gentleman. Sure it's gone down. You got the tip. I didn't.
00:06:18- Why would I tell you to sell it? - Give it back!
00:06:21To who? I can't give it back-you own it!
00:06:24No, he's not here.
00:06:26- That's what you told us to say. - Gimme that phone.
00:06:29- Hello? - Hello.
00:06:31- Who am I talking to? - The sales manager. What's the problem?
00:06:35What? Will you gimme a break? How was I supposed to know you were in surgery?
00:06:39What am I - Marvin the Mindreader?!
00:06:42Uh, no, sir. I'll discuss that with the account executive, and I'll get back to you.
00:06:47No, no, sir. You're welcome.
00:06:53I'm closing the account. If he doesn't pay tomorrow, you pay.
00:06:57Mr Lynch, I swear to you, he's lying.
00:06:59We give you a rich man's account...
00:07:01...and you tell me he's gonna DK you for a lousy quarter point?
00:07:05You're being unfair, sir. You know he's got a history for bullshit.
00:07:09Somebody's got to pay.
00:07:12Ain't gonna be me.
00:07:17Buddy, Buddy. A little trouble, huh, today, Buddy?
00:07:20Howard the jerk reneged on me. I gotta cover his losses to the tune of seven grand.
00:07:25Yeah! I'm holding!
00:07:26I'm tapped out. American Express got a hit man looking for me.
00:07:30It coulda been worse, right? Coulda been my money.
00:07:36Here, here, rookie, let me help you out. I got... a C-note.
00:07:42- Thanks, Marv. I'll make it up to you. - Yes, I am still here!
00:07:46You know what my dream is? To one day be on the other end of that phone.
00:07:51Oh, you got it, baby. Where the real cheesecake is.
00:07:55Hey, Bud, you forgetting something?
00:07:57The Gekko phone call?
00:08:00When are you gonna realise it's the big game hunters who bag elephants, not guys like us.
00:08:05- Gordon Gekko, please. - Gekko's beautiful.
00:08:0730 seconds after the Challenger blew up, he's selling NASA stock short.
00:08:11Yeah, but... 47 million he made on the Melcore deal.
00:08:1523 on the Imperial deal before he was 40.
00:08:18The guy makes 20 times what Dave Winfield makes in a year, and he talks to everybody.
00:08:24And he had an ethical bypass at birth.
00:08:26- Hello, Natalie. Guess who? - Mr Fox.
00:08:28Right. Every day I say to myself that today could be the day. So will you marry me?
00:08:35- I'll think about it. - Then can you get me through to Mr Gekko?
00:08:39- He's very busy. - Of course he is. Five minutes is all I ask.
00:08:43Mr Fox, I'm sure you're a good broker, but our traders deal with the brokers.
00:08:49Mr Gekko deals with investment bankers.
00:08:51- Tell him I called. There are big changes... - Yes, I'll give him your message.
00:08:55Leo, I understand, but you have to realise there'll be major subordinated debt involved.
00:09:16- Buddy, how ya doing? - Great, Charlie. Any better would be a sin.
00:09:19Jesus Christ! Listen, I hear all you guys on Wall Street are millionaires.
00:09:24- When you gonna make us all rich? - You need an account to win the lottery.
00:09:29- Give me 50 grand. I'll get you a condo. - Sure! We'll own the airline by then!
00:09:33Why don't he make himself rich, so he can pay off his school loans?
00:09:38Nice to see you're in such a good mood, Dad. Did Mom give you fish for dinner?
00:09:42You smoke too much. How often you gotta go to the hospital to realise?
00:09:45Leave me alone. It's the only thing that makes me feel good. There, Frank. All set.
00:09:50Spaghetti! Your mother still makes lousy spaghetti.
00:09:54- It's pasta now. Spaghetti's out of date. - So am I. You want a beer?
00:09:59Billie! Bring a Molson Lite for the kid!
00:10:03- Looking good, huh? - He looks terrific.
00:10:05Carl, we'll be at the bar.
00:10:09- I'll catch up with you. - All right, Charlie.
00:10:16You look like you've grown another inch, but you don't look so hot, Buddy.
00:10:21- You're gonna get bags under your eyes. - Yeah, I had a tough day.
00:10:25- Some jerk DK'd me. I gotta cover his loss. - Speak English.
00:10:29DK: Didn't Know who I was when the options he bought took a bath.
00:10:32- Bastard reneged on me! - I told you not to get into that racket.
00:10:36You coulda been a doctor or a lawyer.
00:10:38If you'd stayed at Bluestar, you coulda been a supervisor now, instead of being a salesman.
00:10:44Dad, how many times I gotta tell you I am not a salesman? I'm an account executive.
00:10:49Soon I'm moving into investment banking.
00:10:51You ask strangers for money - you're a salesman.
00:10:55Dad, it takes time. You gotta build a client list.
00:10:58I can make more money in one year as a broker than in five at this airline.
00:11:02Thank you, Billie.
00:11:04I don't get it, kid. You borrow money to go to NYU. First year out, you make 35 grand.
00:11:09You made 50 grand last year, and can't pay off your loans. Where does it go?!
00:11:13Dad, 50K does not get you to first base in the Big Apple.
00:11:17I got 40% in taxes, 15 grand for rent.
00:11:19I got school loans, car loans, food - that's three bills a month. I need suits...
00:11:24Come back home and live rent-free instead of that roach-infected place.
00:11:28$50,000! Jesus Christ! The whole world's off its rocker!
00:11:32I made $47,000 last year. That's before taxes.
00:11:36That's Queens, Dad! A 5% mortgage and you rent the top room.
00:11:39I gotta live in Manhattan to be a player. There is no nobility in poverty any more, Dad.
00:11:45One day you'll be proud of me. You'll see.
00:11:49It's yourself you gotta be proud of, Huckleberry.
00:11:53How much you need?
00:11:55Can you spare 300? I'll pay you back next month, I promise.
00:11:59- I don't know if I got that much on me. - Not in here. Please.
00:12:05It adds up. 300 here, 200 there. Your brother...
00:12:08I always say money's something you need in case you don't die tomorrow. Right, Carl?
00:12:13How you doing?
00:12:15- How's work treating you? - Damn mandatory drug test.
00:12:19They're driving us crazy. I got flagged for my blood pressure pills. Can you believe that?
00:12:24The good news is we had a meeting with the controller about some union business.
00:12:29Remember the accident last year and the investigation?
00:12:32The FAA is gonna rule it was a manufacturing error in the door-latch mechanism. I knew it.
00:12:38I kept telling 'em it wasn't maintenance. It's the greedy manufacturers in Cincinnati.
00:12:43- That's great. - This gets us out from under suspension.
00:12:46We can go for those new routes to Pittsburgh and Boston. We'll compete with the big guys.
00:12:52To Bluestar. As your broker, all I can advise is you hold on to that stock.
00:12:57What stock? Are you kiddin'?
00:13:00- Are you sure about this thing? - What?
00:13:04- The FAA announcement. - Sure I'm sure.
00:13:09Look at me. You got that mischievous look in your eye, Buddy.
00:13:14You used to smile like that when you were a kid sleeping.
00:13:17It's true. Just like that.
00:14:01Morning, Gordon.
00:14:11Delivery for Mr Gekko. It's a personal item. He needs you to sign for it.
00:14:15Send him in.
00:14:30Hello, Natalie. Recognise the voice? Here's a hint-you're thinking about marrying me.
00:14:36- Why are you here? - You're lovelier than I pictured.
00:14:39- Got a birthday present for Mr Gekko. - You can't come barging in here.
00:14:43- What makes you think it's his birthday? - Well, it's in the bible, see?
00:14:48You better go buy him a gift.
00:14:50Please, Natalie, let me give this to him. Cuban cigars. His favourite and tough to get.
00:14:58Please, Natalie?
00:15:02Stay here. I'll see what I can do.
00:15:24Wait outside.
00:15:27Yeah, I'll see you shortly, I hope.
00:15:43Five minutes.
00:15:51Well, life all comes down to a few moments.
00:15:54This is one of 'em.
00:15:59What the hell's going on?
00:16:01I'm looking at 200,000 shares move, pal. I wanna know if we're part of it.
00:16:06We'd better be, or I'm gonna come and eat your lunch for you. Back in two.
00:16:10Sorry, Jeff. Look, I loved it at 40. It's an insult at 50.
00:16:14Their analysts don't know preferred stock from livestock.
00:16:18Wait till it heads south, then we raise the sperm count on the deal. Get back at ya.
00:16:25This is the kid. Calls me 59 days in a row. Wants to be a player.
00:16:30Oughta be in the dictionary under "persistence".
00:16:33Listen, Jerry, I'm looking for negative control. No more than 30, 35%.
00:16:38Just enough to block anybody else's merger plans, and find out if the books are cooked.
00:16:43If it looks as good as on paper, we're in the kill zone, pal.
00:16:47Lunch? You kiddin'? Lunch is for wimps. OK, Billy. I'll talk at ya.
00:16:55How do you do, Mr Gekko? I'm Bud Fox.
00:16:58So you say. Nice to meet you. Hope you're intelligent.
00:17:01- Where'd you get these? - I got a connection at the airport.
00:17:06So what's on your mind, kemo sabe? Why am I listening to you?
00:17:09I gotta monitor my blood pressure, so don't upset me.
00:17:13No. No, sir.
00:17:15In 45 seconds, the microprocessor computes your systolic and diastolic pressure.
00:17:20Got an LCD read-out, cost-effective... Less than one visit to a doctor.
00:17:27I just wanna let you know I've read all about you at NYU Business. I think you're a genius.
00:17:34I've always dreamed of one thing and that's to do business with a man like you.
00:17:38- What firm you with? - Jackson Steinem.
00:17:40They're going places. Good junk-bond department.
00:17:43You the financing on that Jansen investment?
00:17:46Yeah. I'm working on some other interesting stuff.
00:17:50Cosmetic company, by any chance?
00:17:52Are you twelfth man on the deal team? Last to know?
00:17:56- I can't tell you that, Mr Gekko. - So what you got for me, sport?
00:18:00Chart breakout on Whitewood-Young Industries.
00:18:02Explosive earnings. A 30% discount from book. Great cash flow. Couple of 5% holders.
00:18:07- It's a dog. - Strong management.
00:18:09It's a dog, pal. What else you got besides connections at the airport?
00:18:14Mr Stevenson in San Francisco.
00:18:21- He respond? - Lecturing on economics.
00:18:23- What?! - No, he's in Chicago.
00:18:25Why the hell is Cromwell giving a lecture tour when he's losing 60 million a quarter?!
00:18:30Guess he's giving lectures in how to lose money.
00:18:33If this guy owned a funeral parlour, no one would die! This turkey is braindead!
00:18:39OK. All right, Christmas is over, and business is business.
00:18:43You keep on buying. Dilute the son of a bitch!
00:18:46Ollie, I want every orifice in his fuckin' body flowin' red!
00:18:50He's flowin', Gordo. Piece of cake.
00:18:52This guy's the best trader on the street.
00:18:55Susan, get me the LBO analysis on Teldar Paper. Bring it in here, please.
00:19:00- Mr Gekko, your wife. - What else you got?
00:19:03Terafly. Analysts don't like it. I do. The break-up value is twice the market price.
00:19:09This deal finances itself. You sell off two divisions...
00:19:12Not bad for a quant, but that's a dog with different fleas.
00:19:16Come on, pal. Tell me something I don't know.
00:19:19It's my birthday.
00:19:22Surprise me.
00:19:27- Bluestar. - What?
00:19:30- Bluestar Airlines. - Rings a bell somewhere. So what?
00:19:35It's a comer. 80 medium-body jets. 300 pilots.
00:19:39Flies to Florida, Canada, uh, Northeast, the Caribbean.
00:19:44- Great slots in major cities. - I don't like airlines. Lousy unions.
00:19:48Well, there was a crash last year.
00:19:51They just got a favourable ruling on a lawsuit.
00:19:54Even the plaintiffs don't know about it.
00:19:57Well, how do you know about it?
00:20:00I just know.
00:20:02The decision should clear the way for new planes and routes.
00:20:06There's only a small float. You should grab it. Good for a five-point pop.
00:20:10250,000 shares at 181/4 from Jansen.
00:20:13I can pull twice that at 181/2 from the California pensions.
00:20:16We got close to half a million shares in the bag.
00:20:20The Terminator! Blow 'em away, Ollie!
00:20:24We got the Beezer Brothers. I'm working on the Silverberg boys.
00:20:28Rip their fuckin' throats out! Stuff 'em in your garbage compactor!
00:20:32Interesting. Got a card?
00:20:35Home number's on the back.
00:20:37Bud Fox, I look at a hundred deals a day. I choose one.
00:20:41- I hope to hear from you, sir. - Thanks for the cigars.
00:20:45Let's go, guys. Looks like we're going over 5% in Teldar.
00:20:48Start the lawyers on a tender offer and 13D.
00:20:51We buy everything in sight, but we don't pay over 22.
00:20:54They'll fight. They got Myers and Thromberg doing their legal.
00:20:59- Thanks, Natalie. - Have a nice day, Mr Fox.
00:21:02Mr Gekko, your conference call is ready. Mr Sugarman in Delaware, Mr Bernard in LA...
00:21:07...Mr Jackson and Ms Rosco in London. They're all on.
00:21:11Please, I'm begging you. I'm in a bind down here.
00:21:14We got all these damn new computers and young men that are edging me out here.
00:21:21Hey, Bud! Did he see you?
00:21:24Yeah, he saw right through me.
00:21:26Cheer up. You shook Gekko's hand and you still got all your fingers.
00:21:30Besides, he's not the only elephant in the jungle.
00:21:33Holy cow! Did you get something from him? Teldar Paper, huh?
00:21:37Nah. It's a dog with fleas.
00:21:41Fox, where have you been for the last three hours, hm?
00:21:46If I were you, and I thank my personal God I am not...
00:21:50...I wouldn't be sitting around chinwagging.
00:21:52Plenty of six-figure names in that zip-code pile to cold-call.
00:22:01Buddy, I got tickets for the Knick game tonight. Cruise some chicks afterwards.
00:22:06Whaddaya say?
00:22:07- No, I gotta read my charts. - Forget charts, will ya?
00:22:10We're not fund managers. Churn 'em and burn 'em!
00:22:13I am offering you the Knicks and chicks.
00:22:15God help you before you turn into poor Steeples over there.
00:22:21Preferably Lou Mannheim.
00:22:24Yeah, nice guy, but he's a loser. He lost all his equity when the firm went belly-up in '71.
00:22:30You wanna be in your sixties still pitching?
00:22:33Hey, Buddy, whatever happened to that cute analyst at Thudder and Wicks?
00:22:37Cindy. Having sex with her was like reading the Wall Street Journal.
00:22:41- She had a heartbeat. - You wanna bet?
00:22:44I gotta get to work. Zs today.
00:22:48Call for you, Buddy! Pick up two!
00:22:53- Bud Fox. - All right, Bud Fox.
00:22:56I want you to buy 20,000 shares of Bluestar...
00:23:00...at fifteen and an eighth, three-eighths tops.
00:23:05And don't screw it up, sport.
00:23:08- Think you can handle that? - Yes, sir! Thank you. You won't regret this.
00:23:14Whoo! Marv, I just bagged the elephant!
00:23:54- Hiya, sport. - Nice to see you again, Mr Gekko.
00:23:58Try the steak tartare. It's off the menu. Louis'll make it for you.
00:24:01- Of course, sir. Anything to drink? - Just an Evian, please.
00:24:06Hey, see this? Can you believe it? It's got a two-inch screen.
00:24:11I can hardly see it.
00:24:13It's for my kid - Rudy. Three years old, he's an electronics freak.
00:24:18We're going into a new age, pal.
00:24:21So how's business today?
00:24:23Great. Bluestar was at 171/4 when I left the office. Up from 15.
00:24:28Might spin up to 18 by the bell.
00:24:30Teldar's shooting up. Did you buy any for yourself?
00:24:34I bet you were on the phone two minutes after you got out of my office.
00:24:39No, sir, that wouldn't have been legal.
00:24:42Sure. Relax, pal. No one's gonna blow the whistle on you.
00:24:48Is that legal? Why don't you put that in my account?
00:24:52- Hey, Gordon! - Georgie! The cellular king! How you been?
00:24:56- Monique, nice to see you, my dear. - Hello, Gordon.
00:24:59- You look wonderful. - You're looking very well yourself.
00:25:03And Mr Davis...
00:25:06Can I get the check here, please? For chrissakes!
00:25:09Cover that Bluestar buy. Put 200 thou on one of those bow-wow stocks you mentioned.
00:25:15Pick the dog with the least fleas. Use a stop-loss, so your downside's 100 thou.
00:25:21And buy a decent suit. You can't come in here looking like this.
00:25:25Go to Morty Sills. Tell him I sent you.
00:25:27Yes, sir. Thank you, Mr Gekko. Thank you for the chance. You will not regret this.
00:25:32You're with a winner.
00:25:34Right... right...
00:25:37Put the rest of the money in a tax-free fund. I wanna see how you do before I invest it.
00:25:42And save the cheap salesman talk. It's obvious.
00:25:44- Excuse me, sir? - You heard me.
00:25:48I don't like losses, sport. Nothing ruins my day more than losses.
00:25:52Now you do good... you get perks.
00:25:56Lots and lots of perks.
00:25:59- Louis, take care of my friend. - Thank you, sir.
00:26:02Have a good lunch, Buddy.
00:26:06Hi, Richard.
00:26:38Hi, Bud.
00:26:41I'm Lisa. A friend of Gordon's.
00:26:46Lisa? Gordon? Oh, oh, Mr Gekko. Sure.
00:26:51Uh, would you like to come in?
00:26:54Didn't he tell you?
00:26:56Oh, that's so like Gordon.
00:26:59Why don't you get dressed? We're going out.
00:27:04We are?
00:27:24So... where are we going?
00:27:26Wherever you like.
00:27:29Lut?ce. 21. The River Caf?.
00:27:33Or maybe we could just...
00:27:37...drive around for a while.
00:27:41Work up an appetite.
00:27:47Want some?
00:27:54Gordon tells me that you're a very talented broker.
00:27:59What do you like?
00:28:01Like? Well...
00:28:04I've got this guy who tells me to buy Hewlett-Packard...
00:28:08...but I've been burned on tips.
00:28:11Uh... Hewlett. Now, let's see. It closed at 411/4.
00:28:16Up an eighth. Very attractive.
00:28:20About, uh... average yield.
00:28:23- Very attractive. - Mmm...
00:28:25- Rising profits. - Ooh!
00:28:28Strong balance sheet.
00:28:30You're hot on this stock.
00:28:32Uh... It's ready to take off.
00:28:35I'd jump all over it if I were you.
00:28:40- Good morning, Carolyn. - Morning. You look happy.
00:28:43- Any better and I'd be guilty. - You were never innocent, sugar pie.
00:28:47How do you know? You wish!
00:30:06Goddamn! We sure went down the toilet on that ugly bitch!
00:30:11Oh, Buddy! Mr Gekko's office is looking for you. Be at the Wyatt Club courts at six.
00:30:29Come on, sport. You gotta try harder.
00:30:32I need some exercise, for chrissakes.
00:30:36- I don't think I can go on, Mr Gekko. - Push yourself. Finish out the game.
00:30:43It's a very nice club, Mr Gekko.
00:30:47Not bad for a City College boy.
00:30:51Bought my way in. Now all these Ivy League schmucks are sucking my kneecaps.
00:30:57I just got on the board of the Bronx Zoo.
00:31:00It cost me a mil.
00:31:03That's the thing you gotta remember about WASPs.
00:31:06They love animals, but they can't stand people.
00:31:12Uh, Mr Gekko...
00:31:15...we took a little loss today.
00:31:18We got stopped out on Terafly. About a hundred grand.
00:31:27Well, I guess your dad's not a union representative of that company, huh?
00:31:32How do you know about my father?
00:31:35The most valuable commodity I know of is information.
00:31:39Wouldn't you agree?
00:31:50The public's out there throwing darts at a board, sport.
00:31:55I don't throw darts at a board. I bet on sure things.
00:32:01Read Sun Tzu, The Art of War.
00:32:04"Every battle is won before it's ever fought."
00:32:09Think about it.
00:32:11You're not as smart as I thought you were.
00:32:14You ever wonder why fund managers can't beat the S&P 500?
00:32:18Cos they're sheep. And sheep get slaughtered.
00:32:23I've been in this business since '69.
00:32:26Most of these Harvard MBA types don't add up to dogshit.
00:32:30You need guys that are poor, smart and hungry. And no feelings.
00:32:34You win a few, you lose a few, but you keep on fighting.
00:32:39And if you need a friend, get a dog. It's trench warfare out there, pal.
00:32:44- Hey, Georgie. - Hey, Gordon.
00:32:46- How's Larchmont treating you? - Fine. How's the Praxar deal going?
00:32:50- You should know, pal. - Asshole!
00:32:55And inside here, too.
00:32:58I got 20 other brokers analysing charts, pal. I don't need another one.
00:33:04See you around, Buddy.
00:33:06I am notjust another broker, Mr Gekko. If you give me another chance, I'll prove it.
00:33:12I'll go the extra yard for you. Just one more chance, Mr Gekko. Please!
00:33:16Want another chance? Then stop sending me information, and start getting me some.
00:33:23Get dressed. I'll show you my charts.
00:33:29- You know the name? - Larry Wildman, one of the first raiders.
00:33:33Sir Larry Wildman. Like all Brits, thinks he was born with a better pot to piss in.
00:33:39Bribed an old secretary of mine to open her mouth.
00:33:42Stole RDL Pharmaceuticals right from under me.
00:33:45Wildman, the "White Knight".
00:33:47I remember that deal. You were involved, Mr Gekko?
00:33:51Payback time, sport.
00:33:53See that building? I bought that building ten years ago. My first real-estate deal.
00:33:58Sold it two years later. Made an $800,000 profit.
00:34:04It was better than sex.
00:34:06At the time I thought that was all the money in the world. Now it's a day's pay.
00:34:12Anyway, I had a mole in Wildman's operation.
00:34:16- He gave me half the picture, then got fired. - I don't think I follow you.
00:34:20Wildman's in town. He just became an American citizen.
00:34:25Something big is going down, OK?
00:34:27I wanna know where he goes, what he sees. I want you, pal, to fill out the missing picture.
00:34:36Mr Gekko, it's not exactly what I do. I could lose my licence.
00:34:40If the SEC found out, I could go to jail. That's inside information, isn't it?
00:34:46Like when a father tells his son about a court ruling on an airline?
00:34:50Or someone overhears I'm buying Teldar, and decides he's gonna buy some?
00:34:55Or the chairman of the board of XYZ decides it's time to blow out XYZ?
00:35:00Is that what you mean?
00:35:05Unless your father's on the board of directors of another company...
00:35:10...you and I are gonna have a very tough time doing business together.
00:35:14- What about hard work? - What about it? You work hard?
00:35:17Bet you stayed up analysing that stock you gave me. Where'd it get you?
00:35:21My father worked like an elephant till he dropped dead at 49 with a heart attack.
00:35:27Wake up, will ya, pal?
00:35:29If you're not inside, you are outside, OK?
00:35:32I'm not talking about some $400,000-a-year Wall Street stiff...
00:35:36...flying first class and being comfortable. I'm talking about liquid.
00:35:41Rich enough to have your own jet.
00:35:44Rich enough not to waste time.
00:35:47Fifty, a hundred million dollars, Buddy.
00:35:51A player...
00:35:53...or nothing.
00:35:56Now you had what it took to get into my office.
00:36:00The real question is whether you got what it takes to stay.
00:36:08Look at that.
00:36:09You're gonna tell me the difference between this guy and that guy is luck?
00:36:15Mohammed, pull over.
00:36:18If you don't mind, I'm gonna drop you off here. I'm late.
00:36:22Buddy, it's been nice meeting you, OK?
00:36:47All right, Mr Gekko.
00:36:51You got me.
00:37:54Excuse me, please.
00:37:56Excuse me.
00:38:13I'm sorry, sir. Do you have a reservation?
00:38:15- Uh, table for one. - Reservations only. We're booked for a week.
00:38:19All right. Don't touch.
00:38:49Everything ready, sir.
00:39:07Excuse me! Is Mr Wildman on board that plane?
00:39:11Shit! My boss is gonna kill me! I'm supposed to give him this.
00:39:15- You know where that plane is going? - Erie, Pennsylvania.
00:39:18Thank you.
00:39:21After spending the morning at Kahn Seidelman in the junk-bond department...
00:39:27...he had lunch at that restaurant, Le Circus, with some well-dressed bean counters.
00:39:32He later stopped off at Morgan. I'd say from all the smiling and palm-pressing...
00:39:37...Larry got himself some nice fat financing, GG.
00:39:40Bright, but not bright enough, Sherlock. Roll the dice and play Monopoly.
00:39:44What box is Sir Larry gonna land on in Erie, Pennsylvania?
00:39:50Jesus Christ! He's buying Anacott Steel.
00:39:53OK. When the market opens tomorrow, I want you to buy 1500 July 50 calls.
00:40:01- You hear me? - Yes, sir.
00:40:02And start buying 1,000-share blocks and take it up to $50.
00:40:08When it reaches 50, give out a little taste to your friends.
00:40:12Then I want you to call the Wall Street Chronicle, extension 1605.
00:40:18You tell the man "Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel".
00:40:22- You got that? - The Wall Street Chronicle.
00:40:25Congratulations, Buddy. You scored. I'll talk at ya.
00:40:32Start buying Anacott Steel across the board.
00:40:36Use the offshore accounts.
00:40:39And keep it quiet.
00:40:49Frank, 10,000 ANC at 46. Let me know how the options are opening, OK?
00:40:53Thank you.
00:40:59Jackson Steinem!
00:41:04- How is Anacott Steel? - 53/4, 6. 2,000 up.
00:41:07- Six at 10,000. - I'll sell you 2,000.
00:41:10That's not what I said. I said 20,000 shares.
00:41:22Anacott trades at six.
00:41:25- 8,000 at a quarter? - I'll take 8,000.
00:41:28Make it six to a half, 2,000 up.
00:41:31I know what time it is, and this is what I'm saying.
00:41:35We have important financial news, Mr Erlich, that just happens to concern your future.
00:41:41- You could benefit... What's going on? - Anacott Steel. Put your best customers in it.
00:41:50Lou, I got a sure thing.
00:41:53Anacott Steel.
00:41:55No such thing, except death and taxes. Not a good company any more. No fundamentals.
00:42:02What's goin' on, Bud?
00:42:06You know something?
00:42:09Remember, there are no short cuts, son.
00:42:13Quick-buck artists come and go with every bull market.
00:42:16The steady players make it through the bear markets.
00:42:19You're a part of something here, Bud.
00:42:21The money you make for people creates science and research jobs. Don't sell that out.
00:42:26You're right, but you gotta get to the big time first, then you can do good things.
00:42:31- You can't get a little bit pregnant, son. - Lou, trust me. It's a winner. Buy it.
00:42:38We'll kamikaze over to Nell's, chase some cotton underwear.
00:42:41I know this 18-year-old bimbette that's gorgeous. Hold on.
00:42:46- Play tennis Saturday? - Can't. Fly-fishing in Canada. Real big client.
00:42:51- Take Anacott? - Light snack, but good. Thanks, pal.
00:42:54You're sharking your way up.
00:42:58No, no, my dear, you've got to diversify.
00:43:01I got a sure thing. Anacott Steel.
00:43:04I've just heard the most lovely two words.
00:43:08Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel.
00:43:11Anacott Steel.
00:43:26Looks like Anacott Steel's in play. Check the ARBs.
00:43:33Looks like it's being accumulated.
00:43:36Lou? Anacott. I buy. Yeah. Take it and bid it.
00:43:41Quarters won't matter. Keep taking Anacott.
00:43:44This is special. Anacott. Paint the tape.
00:43:47- Bet the ranch. - Buy 100,000 shares.
00:43:49- Wildman is sniffing around. - It's on automatic pilot to the moon.
00:43:52- If it hits 75, we'll clean 24 mil. - Relax, pal.
00:43:56Don't get emotional about stock. It clouds the judgment.
00:44:00Which closed at 511/8, up 51/8 from yesterday's close on heavy trading.
00:44:21Can I help you?
00:44:22Yes, I'm Bud Fox. I have some papers for Mr Gekko to sign.
00:44:26- Come in. - Thank you.
00:44:30- I'm sorry about this, Mr Gekko. - It's all right. It's OK.
00:44:35You wanna wait here?
00:44:39No problem. This is Bud Fox. My wife, Kate.
00:44:42- Hello. You came out from the city? - Yes, ma'am.
00:44:45Ah, long drive. You want a drink?
00:44:48Yeah, you want a drink? Um... sure.
00:44:51- If you'd rather not. - No, come on. Have a drink.
00:44:53Get to meet all the people. It's a good idea.
00:44:58We got Sam Ruspoli, Carmen Winters, Stone Livingston. This is Bud Fox.
00:45:03His illustrious wife, Muffie.
00:45:05Candice Rogers, Dick Brady. Darien Taylor. All old friends.
00:45:16Great idea, Gordon. I know good help is hard to find, but can it create a dry vodka martini?
00:45:22It doesn't talk back or steal the silverware.
00:45:25And Dick here is gonna get me an exemption, aren't you?
00:45:28I'm in St Kitts with this new Kamali leopard-skin V-cut bikini...
00:45:34...which is gonna turn back the clock on my marriage five years. Know what I mean?
00:45:39Call for you, sir. Sir Lawrence Wildman. He says it's important.
00:45:43Thank you, Nyung.
00:45:45Would you fix Mr Livingston another martini? Stick around. This could be fun.
00:45:49It's all because this Ukrainian bitch botched the job on my wax on my bikini line.
00:45:54How ghastly! Sue her.
00:45:56- Larry, what a surprise! - I want to see you, Gordon.
00:46:00Can it wait till tomorrow? I got people here.
00:46:02- No, this can't wait. It's important. - OK. If you feel that way, come on over.
00:46:09Ah! There you are! Can I steal him for a minute?
00:46:13- Of course. - I want your opinion.
00:46:23So what do you see in this?
00:46:30Purity. Innocence.
00:46:34A few thousand dollars down the tubes, if you ask me.
00:46:40You can kiss your career as an art appraiser goodbye.
00:46:43We paid over 400,000 for it at the contemporary picture sale last June.
00:46:48Jesus, you could've had a whole beach house for that!
00:46:51Sure you could. In Wildwood, New Jersey.
00:46:56If you sold this one, you could have a nice penthouse on Fifth.
00:47:01You wouldn't have much left over for decoration.
00:47:04It's nice, if you're on mushrooms.
00:47:06I thought Gordon was a tough businessman. He sure has taken a bath on that.
00:47:11A bath? I'd say Gordon is one of the most astute collectors around.
00:47:17He has a great eye, and he only buys the best.
00:47:21Like this rug, for instance. A Bokhara. It's the finest of its kind.
00:47:26After he bought it, a dealer representing the Saudi royal family...
00:47:30...offered him twice what he paid. It absolutely makes the room.
00:47:35See how this bit of celadon in the border is picked up by these cushions?
00:47:39Although it's a sacrilege having that Etruscan vase on the table.
00:47:44Some dope might use it as an ashtray.
00:47:47- I guess you're a decorator? - You got it.
00:47:50A great spender of other people's money.
00:47:53If you're that good, I'm sure you can do wonders with my place.
00:47:57- Where would that be? - Upper West Side.
00:48:00Really? Home of the exposed brick wall and the houseplant?
00:48:05It's just a rental. I'll be moving to the East Side soon. Some deals brewing with Gordon.
00:48:11But that's just conversation. What about real things?
00:48:14Like dinner? The two of us... next Friday? Caf? Santo Domingo.
00:48:20What if I have a previous engagement?
00:48:23You break it.
00:48:25There you go again, Darien. Talking with strange men.
00:48:29Hello. Sam, do you know Bud Fox? Sam is in banking.
00:48:34- Works for Gordon. - Nice meeting you.
00:48:37- Are you staying for dinner? - No, I have work to do.
00:48:41- Ah. The bell.
00:48:46Excuse me.
00:48:49Call me next week. I'll give you an estimate.
00:48:56- Larry, how have you been? - Fine. Travelling, actually.
00:48:59- Can I get you a drink? - No, thank you.
00:49:02Larry! Excuse me. Sir Larry.
00:49:06How are ya? Goddamn, you look great!
00:49:10- Gordon. - So you wanna talk.
00:49:13- I'll be heading back now, Mr Gekko. - Stick around.
00:49:17This is one of my gang. Bud Fox.
00:49:22Shall we go upstairs?
00:49:36The rarest pistol in the world, Larry.
00:49:39A.45 Luger.
00:49:41Only six of 'em were ever manufactured.
00:49:49Rarer still is your interest in Anacott Steel.
00:49:52My interest is the same as yours. Money. Thought it'd be a good investment for my kid.
00:49:57No, this time I'm in for the long term. It's not a liquidation. I'm gonna turn it around.
00:50:02You're getting a free ride on my tail, mate.
00:50:06With the dollars you're costing me to buy back stock, I could modernise the plant.
00:50:11I'm not the only one who pays here, Gordon.
00:50:14We're talking about lives and jobs. Four generations of steelworkers...
00:50:18Correct me if I'm wrong, but when you got CNX Electronics, you laid off 6,000 workers.
00:50:25Jemson Fruit, 4,000. That airline you bought, um...
00:50:28I could break you, mate. In two pieces over my knees.
00:50:33You know it. I know it.
00:50:35I could buy you six times over.
00:50:38I could dump the stock just to burn your arse!
00:50:42But I happen to want the company, and I want your block of shares.
00:50:46I'm announcing a tender offer at 65 tomorrow.
00:50:50I'm expecting your commitment.
00:50:54Showdowns bore me, Larry. Nobody wins. You can have the company.
00:50:59In fact, it'll be fun watching you and your giant ego trying to make a horse race of it.
00:51:06Buddy, what's a fair price for that stock?
00:51:09The break-up value is higher. It's worth 80.
00:51:12Well, we don't want to be greedy. So what do you say to 72?
00:51:19You're a two-bit pirate and greenmailer. Nothing more...
00:51:27Not only would you sell your mother to make a deal, you'd send her COD.
00:51:32My mail is the same colour as yours is, pal.
00:51:36Or at least it was until the Queen started calling you "Sir".
00:51:41Excuse me before I lose my temper.
00:51:52Considering you brought my mother into it...
00:52:04You'll hear from my lawyers tomorrow, 8am. Good night.
00:52:14He's right, I had to sell. The key to the game is capital reserves.
00:52:18If you don't have enough, you can't piss in the tall weeds with the big dogs.
00:52:23"All warfare is based on deception." Sun Tzu.
00:52:27"If your enemy is superior, evade him."
00:52:30"If angry, irritate him."
00:52:32"If equally matched, fight. And if not, split. Re-evaluate."
00:52:39He's learning, huh? Buddy's learning!
00:52:53- Yeah? - Money never sleeps, pal.
00:52:56Just made 800,000 in Hong Kong gold. It's been wired to you.
00:53:00Play with it. You done good, but you gotta keep doing good.
00:53:05I showed you how the game works. Now school's out.
00:53:09Mr Gekko, I'm there for you 110%.
00:53:12No, no, no, no. You don't understand. I wanna be surprised.
00:53:18Astonish me, pal. New info. I don't care where or how you get it.
00:53:23Just get it.
00:53:27My wife tells me you made a move on Darien.
00:53:32Here's some inside info for you.
00:53:34That GQ type she's going out with got big bucks...
00:53:37...but he's putting her feet to sleep.
00:53:40Exit visas are imminent.
00:53:43I don't want you losing your place in line.
00:53:48Ah, Jesus!
00:53:50I wish you could see this.
00:53:53The light's coming up.
00:53:59I've never seen a painting that captures the beauty of the ocean...
00:54:03...at a moment like this.
00:54:07I'm gonna make you rich, Bud Fox.
00:54:11Yeah. Rich enough that you can afford a girl like Darien.
00:54:15This is your wake-up call, pal.
00:54:19Go to work.
00:54:36- Fox! - Mr Barnes.
00:54:41Buddy D, is this d?j? vu? What's it been? A year, year and a half?
00:54:45So, I hear you're moving up in the world.
00:54:48A senior associate. Not bad. Not bad. How's Margie?
00:54:52I can't complain. I got a house in Oyster Bay, you know.
00:54:56Market treating you good?
00:54:58- Still seeing that sexy French chick? - No. No. She asked the wrong question.
00:55:03- What was that? - "What are you thinking?"
00:55:09The hours are hell, but the cash is starting to tumble in.
00:55:14I know this guy who has an ironclad way of making money. I can't lose or get hurt.
00:55:19Can't get hurt. So does this guy have a tip for an honest lawyer?
00:55:24Maybe. Check out Teldar Paper...
00:55:28...but don't quote me.
00:55:31And you? I hear you're handling the Fairchild Foods merger, and it may not go through.
00:55:37Any surprises I haven't read about in the Wall Street Journal?
00:55:40Come on, that's illegal. You wouldn't wanna get me disbarred.
00:55:44Who's listening? Just one college buddy talking to another.
00:55:49- Yeah, right. - Oh, relax, Roger.
00:55:53Everybody's doing it now.
00:55:56But, if you don't know, then... you don't know.
00:56:06And if I did...
00:56:08...what's in it for moi?
00:56:12More money than you ever dreamed of.
00:56:15Nobody gets hurt.
00:56:19You think about it.
00:56:23- Let's grab a beer. What do you say? - Uh... too much to do. But I'll walk you out.
00:56:30The file's on the desk, Marie.
00:56:32Get inside my uncle's door and the secrets of the world are yours.
00:56:36Lifeblood of companies...
00:56:38Of course, you gotta go to law school first, but...
00:56:58Mr Panos, I've been charting the growth of office space.
00:57:02You're in the right business at the right time.
00:57:05Thank you for tell me what I already know.
00:57:07Look, I'm very impressed with your work, and I could use a tax break.
00:57:11Let me ask, what would you say to some working capital and a partner?
00:57:15Why do I need a partner?
00:57:17Look, you need more vans. 42 employees can't cover the buildings you got...
00:57:21...not to mention the clients we'd have together.
00:57:24I am an expert at identifying undervalued assets such as this business.
00:58:18The good news, Gordon, is Rorker Electronics.
00:58:21That's right. I see it happening in the next two months.
00:58:24Come on, their quarterlies are for shit.
00:58:27I got a little gift for you.
00:58:31Gordon will be very pleased. What else have you got?
00:58:39You know Marty Weidman?
00:58:41He netted 650G off of that merger. 26 years old, the guy's Rambo.
00:58:45- He's an asshole! - He is Rambo!
00:58:47He's got a Porsche Turbo Cabriolet, about 75 thou.
00:58:50I think if I can make a bundle of cash before I'm 30 and get out of this racket...
00:58:55...l'll be able to ride my motorcycle across China.
00:58:59I'd like to do for furniture what Laura Ashley did for interior fabrics.
00:59:03Produce a line of high-quality antiques at a low price.
00:59:07Sounds great. I'll take you public.
00:59:09You will?
00:59:35Can I help you?
00:59:38Oh. Excuse me. Is this Bill Bates' office?
00:59:42I'm sorry.
00:59:55Hiya, Dad.
00:59:57- What brings you out here? - Client's got a private jet at Butler.
01:00:01- Hey, Buddy. How ya doing? - Mr Wall Street!
01:00:03The bozos that keep us in the air!
01:00:06- Give us a hand. - Do an honest day's work.
01:00:08All right. Change the oil, fill the tyres and park it out back.
01:00:12This kid wanna buy the plane?
01:00:14- You always light up when you see me. - Don't start, all right?
01:00:18All right.
01:00:20So who peed in your Cheerios?
01:00:22Goddamn fare wars are killing us!
01:00:25Management's gonna lay off five of my men this week.
01:00:28I'm sorry about that.
01:00:30- So how much you need? - I don't need anything. I'm doing great.
01:00:34New client, new ball game. Things are starting to happen.
01:00:37Sure. Lots of guys at the track talk like that.
01:00:40How do you know you'll have any dough next month? Jesus Christ, what is this?
01:00:45It's a dividend.
01:00:47I've borrowed at least five grand over the years.
01:00:50Oh, stop it. Put this towards your school loan.
01:00:54Forget the loans. Look, Dad, things are good and it's gonna stay that way.
01:00:59- Buy yourself a new suit. - What do I need a suit for?
01:01:02I don't hobnob with the jet set. I just fix their planes.
01:01:05Then get a decent bowling jacket, so you don't look like the Roto-Rooter man.
01:01:10Come on, what's money for? Enjoy yourself.
01:01:13Money is a pain in the ass, if you ask me. But thanks, kid.
01:01:16- How about dinner? - Sure. Any night this week.
01:01:19OK. No, I'm sorry. This week's booked.
01:01:21- I'll check with my girl. I'll get back to you. - You do that, Huckleberry.
01:01:26I gotta run. You stop smoking, you hear?
01:01:29I'll talk at ya.
01:01:33Whoo! Oh!
01:01:45It's in both our interests to put a safe distance between you and us.
01:01:49- You understand that, Mr Fox? - Sure.
01:01:53This gives you limited power of attorney for Mr Gekko's account.
01:01:57Every ticket you buy must be marked "power of attorney".
01:02:01That means that you call the shots.
01:02:03Mr Gekko has no official knowledge of what stocks you're buying. All right?
01:02:08Just sign it at the end, twice.
01:02:11I never knew how poor I was until I started making money.
01:02:15Your transactions will be monitored by StockWatch.
01:02:18If any trouble does arise, you are on your own out there.
01:02:22The trail stops with you, understand?
01:02:24Spread the buy orders over different accounts, you won't get burnt.
01:02:28I have friends that won't mind making easy money.
01:02:31- Rudy Gazoodi! How's my cutie?! Viens ici!
01:02:37We need more votes for the showdown, but don't wanna go public...
01:02:38We need more votes for the showdown, but don't wanna go public...
01:02:41- Bonjour, Monsieur Buddy. - Bonjour, Monsieur Buddy.
01:02:44Oh! He speaks French already.
01:02:48Kid had the highest score in his IQ test.
01:02:51It is so difficult to get into a good nursery school now.
01:02:57They even go to your home to make sure you're acceptable.
01:03:00That's it for you with the grown-ups.
01:03:03- Nicole, would you take him for a nap now? - Viens, mon petit.
01:03:06Give him a bath and put that cute little black suit on him.
01:03:10This is a contact at one of our offshore banks.
01:03:14On settlement day you'll open an account for Mr Gekko...
01:03:17...under the name Geneva Roth Holding Corp.
01:03:20Then you'll wire-transfer the money to this account in the Cayman Islands.
01:03:25You're gonna make a lot of money, pal.
01:03:28The stakes are going up. No mistakes.
01:03:33Piece of cake, Gordon.
01:03:50If I could have anything...
01:03:52...this would almost do.
01:03:59How'd your conference go with Gordon?
01:04:01It went fine. We reached an agreement, and decided to split up the world between us.
01:04:08You have modest wants. I like that in a man.
01:04:12- What do you want? - Let's see.
01:04:15A Turner. A perfect canary diamond.
01:04:20World peace.
01:04:22The best of everything.
01:04:23Well, why stop at that?
01:04:25I don't.
01:04:43My client wants to buy a large block of Teldar. He needs to spread it around.
01:04:47I'll park some money in your account. If it hits, you get a big cut.
01:04:51I'm telling you, this is the easiest money you've ever made.
01:04:55All right, Bud.
01:04:57Let's do it.
01:05:00We go way back, Harry.
01:05:02You know, I-I-I've put a lot of money into this firm over the years.
01:05:07- I brought in a lot of business. - You've taken enough out, too.
01:05:10- You should have something put aside. - With the divorces I haven't had a chance.
01:05:16- The bridges are burned. - When you fire me I'm finished. On the street.
01:05:20- How do you think I feel about this? - How do you think I feel?
01:05:23I've got responsibilities. I've got two kids...
01:05:26What's going on?
01:05:29Lynch is giving him the boot. Not pulling his quota.
01:05:34We're all one trade away from humility.
01:05:36New report on GM and a conference call in defence stock in my office, 7 am tomorrow.
01:05:41No RSVP required. Just be there.
01:05:45Now, on a more inspiring note, the new office record...
01:05:49...for a single month's gross commission from the wealthy individual accounts...
01:05:54...goes to Bud Fox. Shows cold calling does work, fellas.
01:05:58Way to go, Bud. Superjob. Come on up here.
01:06:01Bud, congrats. You just made my life twice as hard around here.
01:06:10You're on a roll, kid. Enjoy it while it lasts, cos it never does.
01:06:16Just kicking ass and taking names, Lou.
01:06:33Come along with me, Bud.
01:06:41This is yours now, Bud.
01:06:43Credenza. Tree. Windows.
01:06:45And, significantly more attractive, your private secretary Janet.
01:06:50- Nice to meet you, Mr Fox. - Hello, Janet.
01:06:54Well, I don't really know what to say. Thank you, Mr Lynch.
01:06:58No, I thank you, Bud.
01:06:59The minute I laid my eyes on you I knew that you had what it takes.
01:07:04Now you can focus on the big-ticket retail.
01:07:07Oh, this is very nice. This is very nice.
01:07:11So what is it? Mr Cocksucker now?
01:07:16Everybody hates the Upper East Side. They wanna live on the West Side.
01:07:20But when it's resale time the East Side moves all the time.
01:07:24What have you got on the West Side? Sean and Madonna?! Trust me.
01:07:28Massage, sauna, Jacuzzi... tanning salon.
01:07:34Best schools in the city.
01:07:37A cute young boy like you gotta think of a future lady friend in your life...
01:07:42...when you've finished wolfing around.
01:07:45Course, I'm taken.
01:07:47Oak strip floors.
01:07:49My husband can get you a 10% mortgage.
01:07:51I would do it myself, except I'm into four other deals right now.
01:07:56So, I got a four o'clock and a five. One's an all-cash type. Monique something or other.
01:08:02Look, maybe you'd like to see something cheaper that I got on First Avenue?
01:08:07Honey, the meter's running. Anybody home?
01:08:12All right. Offer 950.
01:08:18I got something over on Sutton Place.
01:08:20It's a million and a half, but now we're talking duplex.
01:08:26This is it. This is home.
01:08:58That's enough gold over there.
01:09:22Like it?
01:09:25I'm having House & Garden come up next week to photograph it before it gets lived in.
01:09:31Do you mind?
01:09:34Hey! Jerry! Come at me. Whaddaya got?
01:09:37No, no. 371/2.
01:09:39Convert the bonds and check the price in Tokyo at eight o'clock your time. Right.
01:10:07I'm spilling everything.
01:10:40Isn't it perfect?
01:10:43It's too perfect.
01:10:46Let's not even eat.
01:10:48Let's just watch it... think about it.
01:11:38Who am I?
01:11:50Bud, come to bed.
01:11:57One million six. Seven.
01:11:59On my left now. Against you, 1,800,000.
01:12:041,900,000. New bidder this side. $2m here now.
01:12:08Not yours. At $2,100,000. $2,100,000.
01:12:12Fair warning, then. Selling for $2,100,000. All done.
01:12:15For you, sir. $2,100,000.
01:12:18Whaddaya say we get a suite at the Carlyle?
01:12:21Champagne, caviar...? Celebrate just like old times?
01:12:25Come on, Gordon. Those days are over.
01:12:28Well, you can't blame me for trying.
01:12:31You're as beautiful as that painting I just bought.
01:12:35Sunshine, what's wrong? I think you got a bad case of puppy love.
01:12:40I think I'm falling for Bud.
01:12:43Don't fall too far. He hasn't been around the block yet. You have.
01:12:48- Told him about us? - No! Are you crazy?
01:12:52- I don't want him to ever know, understand? - Mum is the word.
01:12:59You and I are the same, Darien.
01:13:01We are smart enough not to buy into the oldest myth running-love.
01:13:06Fiction created by people to keep them from jumping out of windows.
01:13:11You know, sometimes I miss you, Gordon. You're really twisted.
01:13:18For chrissake, Jack, it's easy!
01:13:20On settlement day you endorse a cheque to Blue Horseshoe Trading Company.
01:13:25Then I'll send you your cut.
01:13:28What? No, that's the bottom line. Nobody gets hurt.
01:13:32What the fuck is wrong with you?
01:13:34It's so bad, even the liars are complaining. But not you. You're making big money.
01:13:39- What's the bottom line? - Hey, look!
01:13:41I am sick and tired of playing wet nurse to you!
01:13:45- Will you do your own homework, Marv! - What an asshole, man!
01:13:51That's a shame.
01:13:56Yeah, Frank. Work 500,000 shares Teldar with a limit of 26. New account.
01:14:01Don't fuck it up.
01:14:05- How's Teldar doing? - Back again?
01:14:07- I've got a real appetite. - Bring it five to a half. 2,000 up.
01:14:11- I gotta buy stock. What's offered at a half? - What are we looking at?
01:14:15- Make me an offer on 80. - 80,000 at a half.
01:14:18I'll take it.
01:14:45Your company, ladies and gentlemen, is under siege from Gordon Gekko.
01:14:49Teldar Paper is now leveraged to the hilt, like some piss-poor South American country!
01:14:55I strongly recommend you to see through Mr Gekko's shameless intention here...
01:15:01...to strip this company, and severely penalise the stockholders.
01:15:05I strongly recommend you to reject his tender...
01:15:09...by voting for management's restructuring of the stock.
01:15:23Well, I appreciate the opportunity you're giving me, Mr Cromwell...
01:15:27...as the single largest shareholder in Teldar Paper, to speak.
01:15:33We are not here to indulge in fantasy, but in political and economic reality.
01:15:40America... America has become a second-rate power.
01:15:47Its trade deficit and its fiscal deficit are at nightmare proportions.
01:15:54In the days of the free market, when our country was a top industrial power...
01:15:59...there was accountability to the stockholder.
01:16:02The Carnegies, the Mellons, the men that built this great empire, made sure of it...
01:16:08...because it was their money at stake.
01:16:11Today, management has no stake in the company!
01:16:16All together, these men sitting up here own less than 3% of the company.
01:16:22And where does Mr Cromwell put his $1,000,000 salary?
01:16:26Not in Teldar stock. He owns less than 1%.
01:16:29You own the company. That's right, you, the stockholder.
01:16:34And you are all being royally screwed over by these bureaucrats...
01:16:38...with their steak lunches, their fishing trips, their corporate jets and golden parachutes.
01:16:44This is an outrage! You're out of line, Gekko!
01:16:47Teldar Paper, Mr Cromwell, has 33 different vice presidents...
01:16:53...each earning over $200,000 a year.
01:16:59Now, I have spent the last two months analysing what all these guys do.
01:17:05- And I still can't figure it out.
01:17:08One thing I do know is that our paper company lost $110m last year.
01:17:14And I'll bet half of that was spent in all the paperwork between all these vice presidents!
01:17:21The new law of evolution in corporate America...
01:17:25...seems to be... survival of the unfittest.
01:17:30Well, in my book you either do it right, or you get eliminated.
01:17:37In the last seven deals that I have been involved with there were 2.5m stockholders...
01:17:42...who have made a pre-tax profit of $12 billion.
01:17:48Thank you.
01:17:51I am not a destroyer of companies.
01:17:55I am a liberator of them!
01:18:00The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed, for lack of a better word...
01:18:06...is good.
01:18:08Greed is right. Greed works.
01:18:12Greed clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit.
01:18:19Greed, in all of its forms-greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge -
01:18:26...has marked the upward surge of mankind.
01:18:29And greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar Paper...
01:18:36...but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA.
01:18:40Thank you very much.
01:18:58Buy me 20 June eurodollar CDs...
01:19:00...20 March gold and sell 10 September Deutschmarks. Right. Talk at ya, babe.
01:19:07Ah, Buddy, Buddy, I hate to tell you this, but you are a genius!
01:19:13Darien! Lightning has struck.
01:19:15The light bulb has been invented. Bluestar Airlines.
01:19:19Edison, da Vinci, Einstein. They're all watching me.
01:19:22Ever hear of the 60-hour work week?
01:19:24You've gotta go to work soon. I'm getting psychotic from a lack of REM sleep.
01:19:28I'm not gonna broker the rest of my life.
01:19:31I am gonna be a giant, an entrepreneur in the Italian 16th-century sense of the word.
01:19:36A mover, a shaker. I'm shooting for the stars, Darien.
01:19:40You're coming along for the ride.
01:19:45Bluestar is an unpolished gem, Gordon.
01:19:48A half-assed management being decimated by a price war they cannot win.
01:19:53But the gates at La Guardia alone can bail us out.
01:19:56If it's worth a dime, it's worth 10 bucks a share. They're ripe to fall!
01:20:00Mixed emotions, Buddy.
01:20:02Like Larry Wildman going off a cliff... in my new Maserati!
01:20:09Guys like me have had their asses hung in a sling with the airlines!
01:20:12- Fuel could go up. Unions are killers. - Yeah, but aren't you forgetting one thing?
01:20:17Capital reserves. This company has 75 million cash in an overfunded pension.
01:20:23That buys us a lot of credibility.
01:20:25And the beauty is, you already own close to 2% of this sucker.
01:20:28The insurance people are balking on the logging trucks. What do you want to do?
01:20:33Tell those assholes we'll self-insure if they don't write it.
01:20:37I can't believe we can fire half the management and nothing changes!
01:20:44Gordon, what I want, and I've never asked you for anything...
01:20:49...is to be your copilot on this one.
01:20:52I wanna take this airline, turn it around and make it work. It's gonna make us a fortune.
01:21:00I got a stockbroker who wants an airline. It'll take two years to turn Teldar Paper around.
01:21:06What do I need a dink airline for? I'm up to my ass in more nuts than a fruitcake!
01:21:10I've worked at Bluestar. I know my way around. I have friends there, inside.
01:21:15What do you mean?
01:21:17The three unions. It's 43% of Bluestar's operating budget.
01:21:22The hourly cost of a flight crew is 850 an hour. That's the real hidden value, GG.
01:21:27If you can negotiate that out, get a crew down to 350, 400 an hour...
01:21:32...this airline'll be the hottest thing since Texas Air.
01:21:35- What makes you think you can? - I can talk to these people. They trust me.
01:21:40My father can be a big help in getting cuts.
01:21:49All right. Susan, get Buckingham on the phone. Tell him to look into it.
01:21:54So the falcon's heard the falconer, huh?
01:22:12- Hi, Dad. - Sorry I'm late.
01:22:14That's OK. Overdressed as usual.
01:22:18Come on in. Everybody's here. I couldn't start the show without you.
01:22:24Well, I'll be a lousy Republican!
01:22:27I decorate for Democrats, too. Lots of them. I'm Darien Taylor.
01:22:31- Bud's told me all about you. - Don't believe a word.
01:22:34I never beat him or locked him in a closet.
01:22:36- I forgot about the closet. - He turned out OK.
01:22:39Bud's a born liar, otherwise he's a good kid.
01:22:42I hope you come here more often, under less formal circumstances.
01:22:46Thank you.
01:22:48- Dad, you know Duncan Wilmore. - Sure. How are ya?
01:22:51Pilots' union. Toni Carpenter, flight attendants'.
01:22:55I'd like you to meet Mr Gekko.
01:22:57Mr Fox, pleasure to meet you.
01:22:59His attorney, Mr Salt.
01:23:01I'd be proud to have a son like Buddy. Got a hell of a career in front of him.
01:23:05I'm glad you think so. I thought this was informal. What's your attorney doing here?
01:23:10Harold, you don't mind walking around the block, do you?
01:23:13- Of course. - I'll take that.
01:23:16No offence.
01:23:18None taken.
01:23:25That's OK, Gordon. Bud does it all the time.
01:23:29Look, I got no illusions about winning a popularity contest with any of you.
01:23:35I got roasted the other night.
01:23:37A friend asked "Why are we honouring this man? Did we run out of human beings?"
01:23:44It's not always the most popular guy who gets the job done.
01:23:51You've got losses of $20-30 million, dividends cut to zero...
01:23:55...and you're being squeezed to death by the majors.
01:23:58The management may not be the worst scum, but they put you on this kamikaze course...
01:24:04...and pretty soon everybody is gonna be scrambling for parachutes.
01:24:08Only there's not enough to go around.
01:24:11Management has them. You don't.
01:24:16If they throw Bluestar to Chapter 11, which I think they will...
01:24:19...they'll use the bankruptcy laws to break your unions, and throw you off the property.
01:24:25Oh, come on! With all due respect, what's to prevent you from doing the same thing?
01:24:30Cos I got a way around all this...
01:24:33...where we can all make money and make the airline profitable.
01:24:38So what do you say we cut to the chase?
01:24:42I'm asking for a modest 20% across-the-board wage cut, and seven more hours a month.
01:24:50What kind of time frame?
01:24:52A year. If we're still losing money, the reduction stands.
01:24:55If we're in the black, I'll return part of the givebacks, pay goes back to current levels...
01:25:00...and we initiate an employee profit-sharing programme with stock.
01:25:06- You'll own part of the airline. - Will you put it in writing?
01:25:10I'll have a letter of agreement drafted up in two days.
01:25:14What's your marketing strategy? How will you return us to profitability?
01:25:18Why don't I give Buddy an opportunity to answer that? Buddy?
01:25:21Thank you, Gordon.
01:25:24First, I want you all to know that my door will always be open...
01:25:27...because I know from my dad it's you guys that keep Bluestar flying.
01:25:32What I've come up with here is a basic three-point plan.
01:25:36One: we modernise. Our computer software is dogshit. We update it.
01:25:40We squeeze every dollar out of each mile flown.
01:25:43Don't sell a seat to a guy for 79 bucks when he's willing to pay 379.
01:25:47Effective inventory management will increase our load factor by 5-20%.
01:25:53That translates to approximately $50-200 million in revenues.
01:25:58The point being, we can beat the majors at a price war.
01:26:01Two: advertising. More, and aggressive. We attack the majors.
01:26:06Three: expansion. We expand our hubs to Atlanta, North Carolina and St Louis.
01:26:10And we reorganise all of our feeder schedules.
01:26:13We gotta think big, guys. We're going after the majors.
01:26:19Well, cards on the table, guys. What do you say?
01:26:23Well, if you mean what you say, I think we're probably in the ballpark.
01:26:27- I guess I can take it to my people. - Good.
01:26:31You've sketched broad strokes. I'd like to see the fine print.
01:26:34But I like what I hear so far.
01:26:42I guess if a man lives long enough he gets to see everything, and I do mean everything.
01:26:47What else you got in your bag of tricks, Mr Gekko?
01:26:52Frankly, Carl, I can't see giving much more, but, if you have any suggestions, I'll listen.
01:26:59"There came into Egypt a Pharaoh who did not know."
01:27:02- I beg your pardon. Is that a proverb? - No, a prophecy.
01:27:06The rich have been doing it to the poor since time began.
01:27:09The only difference is the Egyptians didn't allow unions.
01:27:13I know what this guy's all about-greed.
01:27:16He don't care about Bluestar or the unions. He's in for the buck. He don't take prisoners.
01:27:21Wait a minute, Dad.
01:27:22Sure. What's worth doing is worth doing for money.
01:27:26It's a bad bargain if nobody gains. And if we do this deal, everybody gains.
01:27:32Course, my son worked as a baggage handler and freight loader for three summers.
01:27:36With those qualifications, he can run an airline!
01:27:40Fine. Stay with the present management...
01:27:43...dedicated to running you and your airline into the ground.
01:27:46That "scum" built the company up with one plane and made something out of nothing.
01:27:52If that's a scum, I'll take it over a rat any day. You know where I stand. Good night, all.
01:28:04Excuse me.
01:28:09Congratulations, Dad! You did a great job embarrassing me, not to mention yourself!
01:28:15Save the "workers unite" speech. I heard it too much growing up!
01:28:19- Oh, yeah? - You'll get axed. No two ways about it.
01:28:22You and the whole shitty airline are going down the tubes!
01:28:26And if it isn't Gekko, it's gonna be some other killer!
01:28:34He's using you, kid. He's got your prick in his pocket, but you're too blind to see it.
01:28:40No. I see a jealous old machinist...
01:28:42...who can't stand the fact that his son's more successful than he is!
01:28:46What you see is a guy who never measured a man's success by the size of his wallet!
01:28:52That's because you never had the guts to go out into the world and stake your own claim!
01:29:06Boy, if that's the way you feel, I must've done a really lousy job as a father.
01:29:16As far as being axed, I'm still around...
01:29:18...and I have a responsibility to the union membership I represent.
01:29:22Your responsibility is to present the facts, not opinions, to your men.
01:29:26You'll destroy their lives. Let them decide for themselves.
01:29:30My men will want to know what's going on, and I won't lie to them!
01:29:34Oh, yeah, your men! Your fuckin' men!
01:29:37All my life your men have been able to count on you!
01:29:40Why have you never been there for me?!
01:29:44What if you're wrong?
01:29:46What if one day the sun didn't rise in the east, and for once your compass was off?
01:29:52Would you be willing to wreck your men's future? My future?
01:29:55Dad, think for a change. Be practical. I'm asking you. I'm fuckin' begging you!
01:30:02I don't go to sleep with no whore and I don't wake up with no whore.
01:30:06That's how I live with myself. I don't know how you do it.
01:30:10I hope I'm wrong about this guy... but I'll let the men decide for themselves.
01:30:15That much I promise you.
01:30:43You should look at this, Chief. A guy at Jackson Steinem...
01:30:47...buying large chunks of Teldar Paper for an offshore account.
01:30:57So, what's the problema?
01:30:59- Do you know what the fuck the problem is? - What?
01:31:03- You don't know? - I don't know.
01:31:06I get a strange call from the SEC. They asked to see my records.
01:31:10- This is heavy, Bud. - Hey, hey, hey, relax! Relax, Roger.
01:31:15You're 82M in the account numbers and I'm the invisible man.
01:31:18Well, that's good for you, Bud.
01:31:20They're always looking for red flags. Gekko's always getting checked by 'em.
01:31:25They never come up with anything, Rog.
01:31:29Hey... we're invulnerable on this one.
01:31:34I just wanna slow down, Bud.
01:31:37All right?
01:31:38No more lunches, no calls, all right? We suspend our business, all right?
01:31:43Whatever you want, Rog. It's cool.
01:31:47Excuse me. Hey, Rog, can you come back in? Bring the cost report.
01:31:50We're starting again.
01:31:54Gekko's asked us into the Bluestar deal. We're reviewing timetables.
01:31:58- You wanna come? - He didn't tell me about that.
01:32:02You're only the president of the company. What the hell do you know anyway, right?
01:32:18Guys, new chief of Bluestar - Bud Fox.
01:32:21- Hi. - Hello, Bud.
01:32:23Guys, what's the problem? It's time to kill.
01:32:27Gekko's got 12% of the stock and climbing. Plus he's got the unions in his back pocket.
01:32:32Everybody knows the stock's in play. By next week the street will own Bluestar.
01:32:36Is the bank financing in place?
01:32:39Or are we gonna sit around and have more of these ridiculous meetings?
01:32:43Our firm committed weeks ago 25% of the total long-term debt structure.
01:32:49Unless you guys sign this piece of paper right now...
01:32:52...l'm gonna pull and go to another bank for the 75.
01:32:57Look, we've got 30 banks ready to participate in a four-year revolving credit line.
01:33:03We must have your assurance you will pay back most of the loan in the first 12 months.
01:33:10The only way we can see this happening is liquidating the hangars and the planes.
01:33:16Can you people guarantee the liquidation of Bluestar?
01:33:20Guarantee? No sweat!
01:33:22We got the Bleezburgs lined up to build condos where the hangars are.
01:33:26We lay the airplanes off to the Mexicans, who are dumb enough to buy 'em!
01:33:30And I got the Texas boys drooling at my kneecaps for the routes and slots.
01:33:34What's your problem? It's done!
01:33:37Here's the price tags on the 737s, gates, hangars, routes.
01:33:41We got it nailed right down to the typewriters.
01:33:44The beauty of this deal is the overfunded pension.
01:33:47Gekko makes $75m there.
01:33:5150 million buys him the minimum annuities for 6,000 employees...
01:33:56...and he walks away with the rest. I figure he'll make... He'll clear $60-70m.
01:34:03Not bad for a month's work.
01:34:07Your boy really did his homework, Fox.
01:34:09And you'll have the shortest executive career since that Pope that got poisoned.
01:34:15Now he'll really start believing he's Gekko the Great.
01:34:20- He'd like to change that appointment. - Hold this.
01:34:24Bud, you can't go in! He's in a meeting!
01:34:26Alex has come up with an ingenious way for us to...
01:34:31I didn't know we had a meeting today, sport.
01:34:34I didn't, either. I think we should talk, Gordon.
01:34:38- Would you excuse us for a second? - Won't you come this way, gentlemen?
01:34:43Thank you, Alex.
01:34:48What do you want?
01:34:49I just found out about the garage sale at Bluestar.
01:34:56Last night I was reading Rudy Winnie-the-Pooh and the Honey Pot.
01:35:00You know what happened? He stuck his nose in the pot once too often, and he got stuck.
01:35:07Maybe you oughta read him Pinocchio.
01:35:09I thought you were gonna turn Bluestar around, not upside down!
01:35:14- You fuckin' used me! - You're walking around blind without a cane.
01:35:18A fool and his money are lucky to even meet.
01:35:21- Why do you need to wreck this company? - Because it's wreckable, all right?!
01:35:26I took another look. I changed my mind.
01:35:29If they lose their jobs, they got nowhere to go!
01:35:32My father has worked there for 24 years! I gave him my word!
01:35:36It's all about bucks, kid.
01:35:39The rest is conversation.
01:35:41Buddy, you'll still be president.
01:35:44When the time comes, you'll parachute out a rich man.
01:35:47With the money you'll make, your dad's never got to work again.
01:35:52So tell me, Gordon, when does it all end, huh?
01:35:56How many yachts can you water-ski behind? How much is enough?
01:35:59It's not a question of enough, pal. It's a zero-sum game.
01:36:03Somebody wins, somebody loses.
01:36:06Money itself isn't lost or made, it's simply transferred...
01:36:10...from one perception to another, like magic.
01:36:14This painting here. I bought it ten years ago for $60,000.
01:36:18I could sell it today for six hundred. The illusion has become real.
01:36:23And the more real it becomes, the more desperate they want it.
01:36:28Capitalism at its finest.
01:36:31How much is enough, Gordon?
01:36:36The richest 1% of this country owns half our country's wealth. Five trillion dollars.
01:36:43One third comes from hard work, two thirds from inheritance...
01:36:47...interest on interest accumulating to widows and idiot sons...
01:36:50...and what I do: stock and real-estate speculation.
01:36:55It's bullshit.
01:36:56You got 90% of the American public with little or no net worth.
01:37:01I create nothing.
01:37:04I own.
01:37:07We make the rules, pal.
01:37:09The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price of a paperclip.
01:37:14We pick that rabbit out of the hat while everybody wonders how the hell we did it.
01:37:20You're not naive enough to think we're living in a democracy, are you, Buddy?
01:37:24It's the free market, and you're part of it.
01:37:29Yeah. You got that killer instinct.
01:37:34Stick around, pal. I still got a lot to teach you.
01:37:39Oh, Buddy, come on. I was gonna tell you about it.
01:37:43Calm down, all right? We'll have dinner tonight. Bring Darien.
01:37:46No, I can't make it tonight.
01:37:48Hey, Buddy.
01:37:50Are you with me?
01:37:54I need to know if you're with me.
01:37:58I'm with you, Gordon.
01:38:04- Natalie, I'll be right there. - Yes, Mr Gekko.
01:38:15- Yeah? - Yeah, Ollie.
01:38:18Tell them I want ziplocked mouths on the Bluestar deal...
01:38:21...or I'll come down there and rip out their fuckin' throats.
01:39:12What's going on?
01:39:19I've been played like a grand piano by the master, Gekko the Great.
01:39:25Today was the big crash...
01:39:28...the liquidation sale.
01:39:31He's gonna carve Bluestar into little pieces and sell it all off.
01:39:38I'm sorry.
01:39:41I was afraid something like this could happen.
01:39:44I handed it to him on a silver platter. I told my father...
01:39:47Bud! Bud, it's not your fault.
01:39:51And it's not your decision.
01:39:53I'm not gonna let it happen.
01:39:56Don't cross Gordon. He'll crush you.
01:40:00If Gordon doesn't buy Bluestar, someone else will. Who's to say they won't do the same?
01:40:07At least I won't be pulling the trigger.
01:40:11Why are you doing this? You've worked hard to get where you are.
01:40:17We're so close. You don't wanna throw it all away.
01:40:21Look, I can stay with the firm, and you're doing fine.
01:40:25We can survive without Gordon Gekko.
01:40:35I'm not looking to just survive.
01:40:38I've been doing that all my life.
01:40:41Cut this self-pity crap, Bud!
01:40:44What the hell's that supposed to mean?
01:40:49It means if you make an enemy of Gordon Gekko, I can't be there to stand by you.
01:40:56Oh, yeah? Do you really mean that?
01:41:00What did he promise you? To take you public?
01:41:05Without his money and seal of approval I'm not such a hot investment any more.
01:41:10- You're just the best money can buy, Darien. - You're not exactly pure, Bud.
01:41:16You went after Gekko and me with the same vengeance. Look in the mirror.
01:41:20I'm looking, and I sure don't like what I see.
01:41:25Fair enough. But it's not that simple, Bud.
01:41:30When I was down and had nothing, it was Gordon who helped me.
01:41:34He got me all my clients-you among them - and he can take them away from me like that.
01:41:41You may find out that when you've had money and lost it...
01:41:44...it's worse than never having had it at all. - Oh, yeah?
01:41:48That is bullshit!
01:41:52Hey! Hey!
01:41:55You step out that door and I am changing the locks!
01:42:02You may not believe this, Bud, but I really do care for you.
01:42:08We would've made a good team.
01:42:11I'm sorry.
01:42:14Get the fuck outta here!
01:42:31The market is dead right now. Even the rich are bitching.
01:42:35The only thing moving is the termites and cockroaches, and my commission...
01:42:39Look, save the rap, all right? Just sell the fucker, fast!
01:42:51There he is. Where you been the last two days?
01:42:54- Janet, get my father on the phone and... - Your mom's been calling. Your father's...
01:42:59- What happened? - He had a heart attack, but he's OK.
01:43:02- He's at St John's. - Oh, Christ!
01:43:12Mom? How is he?
01:43:15He was complaining about chest pains at work.
01:43:17The next thing I know he's collapsed. You gotta talk to him.
01:43:21Don't worry, he's a tough old nut. He's got another 20 years.
01:43:25- He's gonna be fine, Buddy. - Is he conscious?
01:43:45Hiya, Dad.
01:43:48You're looking younger every day.
01:43:52Didn't I tell you never to lift a 747 by yourself?
01:44:00You even got me smoking now.
01:44:05It's your second heart attack, Dad.
01:44:09You're pushing your luck. I hope you know that.
01:44:14I guess I never told you...
01:44:16...but I love you, Dad.
01:44:22I love you so much!
01:44:27I'm sorry... about the things I said.
01:44:33You're the only honest man I know.
01:44:36The best.
01:44:40I got a plan, Dad. I can save the airline.
01:44:42I know you got no reason to believe me, but you have to trust me, OK?
01:44:48I need to speak to the union members.
01:44:52Can I speak for you?
01:44:56Your words, not mine.
01:45:11I gotta go.
01:45:14I'm proud of you.
01:45:26The stock's at 191/4, and it's going up.
01:45:29Gekko figures, by breaking up Bluestar, it's 30 bucks a share.
01:45:32He'll buy up to 24 and still think he's making money.
01:45:36How do you know it'll go up?
01:45:38You don't wanna know, Duncan. Let's just say I have some friends.
01:45:43OK. What happens now?
01:45:46When it hits 23, you go to Gekko and lower the boom.
01:45:49When he learns he has no union concessions, he'll jump ship.
01:45:53Yeah, but who'll buy then, and what's to prevent some other shark devouring us?
01:46:01We have an appointment to see Mr Wildman.
01:46:04Sir Lawrence, or can I call you Larry?
01:46:08What would you say to owning Bluestar Airlines, with union concessions...
01:46:12...at $18 a share...
01:46:14...and, in the process, hanging Gordon Gekko out in the wind to twist?
01:46:19I might be very interested. Why you, mate?
01:46:23What's a bloke like you doing mixed up with Gekko?
01:46:27Let's just say that me and Mr Gekko have a serious conflict of interest.
01:46:33But we all wanna see this airline work.
01:46:36These figures show that it can.
01:46:40You're prepared to take these large salary cuts?
01:46:44We are, but we want a contract agreement that's ironclad.
01:46:48So if you buy it, you can't break it up.
01:46:54I'm still listening.
01:47:02Oh, hi. Say, why don't you get the hell out of my office?
01:47:06I know I've been a schmuck lately. I want to apologise.
01:47:10You've been a real schmuck lately. So go thou and sin no more.
01:47:14I wanna make it up to you.
01:47:18Bluestar. Put all your clients in it.
01:47:27OK, Buddy-Buddy.
01:47:29We are back in business on Bluestar.
01:47:36Bluestar, Mr Mannheim. Put all your clients in it. It's gonna move.
01:47:41I don't know where you get your information, son, but I don't like it.
01:47:46The main thing about money, Bud... it makes you do things you don't wanna do.
01:47:55Marty, a favour. 200,000 shares Bluestar at 191/2. Can you position it in an equity fund?
01:48:01- The Chronicle is on seven. - Hold, Marty.
01:48:05Listen, Blue Horseshoe loves Bluestar Airlines. Got it?
01:48:10- Got it. - Right. Marty, you still there?
01:48:13Bluestar's in play. Let's check it out.
01:48:25- 191/4, 3/8. 5,000. - 3/8 at 10,000.
01:48:31I do love it so.
01:48:35Gordon, I see it at 215/8. I don't know what to make of it.
01:48:38The word is out, pal! Your union buddies are talking.
01:48:43You get me in at a 45-degree angle. All the way in.
01:48:46You slash and burn, you buy everything in sight up to 22, then call me.
01:48:52When I get hold of whoever leaked this, I'll tear his eyes out and suck his fuckin' skull!
01:49:07- Stock's going to Pluto. - Start unloading.
01:49:09- What? Sell? - Dump it! Now! Dump it all!
01:49:12- Where's Lou? - Right over there.
01:49:15Ken? Marvin. Jackson Steinem.
01:49:18Dump this baby. Take the money and run. We're getting out.
01:49:22It's gotta be a big hitter.
01:49:24There's some people from Bluestar demanding to see you.
01:49:27- What the hell do they want? - I'd be happy to tell you.
01:49:31We know what you're up to, Gekko, and you can go straight to hell!
01:49:36No way you're gonna break up our airline.
01:49:38- If that's my plan, it's the first I've heard of it. - Would you put that in writing?
01:49:43We have an agreement, which I expect you to honour.
01:49:47- Then you better have a pilot's licence. - Don't worry, the engines won't fall out.
01:49:52But those reservations can get screwed up if we don't pay attention.
01:49:56Baggage for St Petersburg could wind up in Pittsburgh.
01:49:59Look, somebody else wants to buy your airline.
01:50:02You wanna be gobbled up by Attila the Hun, you be my guest!
01:50:07We'll take our chances.
01:50:09Nice to see you, Gekko!
01:50:16Fox says Bluestar just hit 23. What do you want him to do?
01:50:22Sell it all.
01:50:25- What the hell. So we only make 10 million. - Sell it. Yes, all of it.
01:50:3110,000 at 7/8!
01:50:33At 7/8, sold!
01:50:36Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, for chrissake!
01:50:38Goddamn connection!
01:50:40Bob, we're in big trouble on BST. You gotta get out now.
01:50:45Another 30,000. Out!
01:50:46Gekko's selling. There's not many takers. The stock is plummeting.
01:50:50I guess I'll have to carry him a few rounds before he drops.
01:50:56Don't make a big deal of it. Buy it lightly on the way down. When it hits 18, buy it all.
01:51:03Piece of cake, Larry.
01:51:098,000 at 18.
01:51:13What is offered at 18?
01:51:16300,000... 300,000 at 18!
01:51:1918 for 500,000!
01:51:24- I'll sell you 50! - I'll take it!
01:51:34- There's gotta be a way outta this. - Sure. Why don't you dial 911?
01:51:37Fox is on four.
01:51:40Where the hell are you? I am losing millions. You sure as hell better get me out of this...
01:51:46...or the only job you'll have on this street is sweeping it!
01:51:51You once told me, don't get emotional about stock, Gordon. Don't.
01:51:55The bid is 161/2 and going down. As your broker, I advise you to take it.
01:52:00Yeah? Well, you take it! Right in the ass, you fuckin' scumbag cocksucker!
01:52:06It's two minutes to close, Gordon. What do you wanna do? Decide.
01:52:15Dump it.
01:52:23The big Wall Street story today was Bluestar Airlines.
01:52:28Fuelled by takeover rumours, the stock soared to an all-time high of 241/8.
01:52:33When rumours later surfaced that the takeover was unfounded...
01:52:37...buyers ran for cover and the stock plummeted to 161/2 before closing at 17.
01:52:44Then, amidst all the scuttlebutt, another rumble shook the street.
01:52:48Raider Sir Lawrence Wildman has stepped in and bought a substantial block of Bluestar...
01:52:54...and will announce a deal tomorrow that includes the support of the unions.
01:52:59We talked with a leading stock market analyst...
01:53:02...in order to understand the ramifications...
01:53:05Son of a bitch!
01:53:18Smile, Carolyn. There's justice in the world.
01:53:35Good morning, folks.
01:53:50Did somebody die?
01:54:02Morning, Chuckie. Morning, Lou.
01:54:07Bud, I like you.
01:54:10Just remember something.
01:54:18Man looks in the abyss.
01:54:21There's nothing staring back at him.
01:54:23At that moment, man finds his character.
01:54:27And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.
01:54:32I think I understand.
01:54:45Janet, get my father, will you?
01:54:51He just came in. I'll call you back.
01:54:58I guess you're not here to open an IRA.
01:55:01Henry Patterson, Postal Inspection Service. Mr Ebenhopper, US Attorney's office.
01:55:07Evan Morrissey, Securities and Exchange Enforcement office.
01:55:10You're under arrest for conspiracy to commit securities fraud...
01:55:14...and for violating the Insider Traders Sanction Act.
01:55:17The minute I laid eyes on you, I knew you were no good.
01:55:21You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions.
01:55:25Anything you do say may be used against you.
01:55:27You have the right to consult an attorney...
01:55:30...and to have an attorney present during any questioning.
01:56:02So long, Carolyn.
01:56:17Hiya, Buddy.
01:56:20Sandbagged me on Bluestar, huh?
01:56:24I guess you think you taught the teacher a lesson, that the tail can wag the dog, huh?
01:56:33Well, let me clue you in, pal.
01:56:35The ice is melting right underneath your feet.
01:56:42You think you could have gotten this far this fast with anybody else?
01:56:46And dickin' someone like Darien?
01:56:48No. You'd be cold-calling widows and dentists to buy fuckin' dogshit stock!
01:56:54I took you in!
01:56:57A nobody!
01:56:59I opened doors for you.
01:57:01I showed you how the system works, the value of information, how to get it!
01:57:06Fulham Oil, Brant Resources, Geodynamics!
01:57:09And this is how you fuckin' pay me back, you cockroach!
01:57:14I gave you Darien!
01:57:17I gave you your manhood! I gave you everything!
01:57:33You coulda been one of the great ones, Buddy.
01:57:37I look at you... and I see myself.
01:57:46I don't know.
01:57:49I guess I realised that...
01:57:52...I'm just Bud Fox.
01:57:56As much as I wanted to be Gordon Gekko...
01:58:00...I'll always be Bud Fox.
01:58:48I showed you how the system works, the value of information, how to get it!
01:58:53Fulham Oil, Brant Resources...
01:58:58You did the right thing, Bud.
01:59:08You told the truth and gave the money back.
01:59:11All things considered in this cockamamie world, you're shooting par.
01:59:15You helped save the airline, and they'll remember you for it.
01:59:18That's right. Think about the job at Bluestar that Wildman offered you.
01:59:23Dad, I'm going to jail and you know it.
01:59:25Yeah, well... maybe that's the price, son.
01:59:29It's gonna be hard on you...
01:59:31...but maybe in a kind of screwed-up way it's the best thing that coulda happened to you.
01:59:36Stop going for the easy buck and produce something with your life.
01:59:40Create, instead of living off the buying and selling of others.
01:59:50We'll park the car and catch up with you.
01:59:52All right.
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